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Thursday, March 29, 2007

So Crazy again in Jakarta

I saw in the newspaper on-line few minutes ago. I got corruption, war between department of government if i not wrong (FPI and Papernas) it happen few hours ago, kill person (young artist).. hey what happen with this country? I don't feel something safe and comfort to stay in this city? I know this city is big and become a center of government and business also. But i can't stay in this city for a long time, if i can do it.
I know i don't like this city but to get job and nice salary, that's not problem but until i die, sorry i really don't want it. I wish i can find new place to live and to open my business there.
oh ya, i read and this is funny topic, there was a girl walk in front of mall and she put off all of her clothes and walk in the busy road, and make traffic jam. When peoples want to give her clothes, she just use it but after that she put off again, she feels not comfortable. I guess she is mad or stress. She is not really like a mad girl, and she not really bad, because that peoples want to see her and traffic jam is coming. Hahaha


AlMost Holiday again :D

I can't wait again!!!!
I really need holiday, very long holiday.
I will go back to my hometown (magelang and jogjakarta)
I hope that i can go to beach near jogjakarta.. i really want to go beach!!! That's it... Almost 2 years i didn't go there, i miss to swim, play with sands, water, look sunset or sunrise, play with friends.
I will be in magelang or jogjakarta fo 1 week (30 March 2007 - 8 April 2007). So guys if you will in Jogjakarta, maybe we can meet together and have a small reunion there, please contact me ya.
Oh ya, i will lose some friends in my company, 3 peoples, Hariyani, VC, and Budi.. I'm so sad to hear that but are we have an opportunity to meet again? Maybe we can have dinner together or going somewhere? By the way, if you have new phone number, please tell me, so we still can contact. :D Good luck guys and wish you got new job and new life out there and also new couple and happines.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BBQ party in QnAp Asia

BBQ party again after office hour in front of office ;p
Everything is ready to grill, we grill chicken, beef, pork, corn and fry french fries. Hmmm so yummy, almost all of the employee join in this party. This party is to celebrate Markus birthday on 8 March 2007, finally we celebrate it, sorry Markus for being late to celebrate it.
When we grill it, everybody looks so busy with their task, and sometime i took picture of them and in that situation looks so crowded. Some of them shout "Where is the plate, i need it", "I need butter", "I need chili sauce".... And I shout " I need well done beef !! I'm hungry!!"
But nobody hear me :( but finally i got it.
WKkakaka When will we make BBq Party again? I really like this moment, since in Jakarta, this is the 3rd times. All of that events keep memory in my mind. 2nd time, there is fire hand :D and i attended there with my bf. 1st time, i attend there with all of employee and it's like an event that make me and the other friends become close friend like family.
Hey guys, if you want to make BBq party again, let's start it.. don't forget to invite me ya :D

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Welcome Valentino Rossi!

After few times and last season Rossi lost his championship, now he has back become a winner, and hope he become a champion on this season.
Last night he start very well and he won that MotoGP. Welcome Rossi :D
How are you Nicky Haden, from the champion become number 7th?
How about Pedrosa? Come on, i know you can become a championship also :D

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

I Enter to TV show, sunday night! yeah!!!

Enter to TV show become an audience, WHY NOT?
This is happen yesterday, sunday morning, my lecture invite me to join in the tv show and this is my first time to enter on station tv. I enter to "Republik BBM", it presents some people in the goverment but they just has similar face and act, not really people in the government and also person who is very very famous like yesterday GW Bush. In that session we always spirited by cheer person (it is not woman but man) and he always push me to give big applause,scream, laugh, and scream to express disappointed.
I feel so lucky that i can join in this event, this opportunity i can see what, how they do making tv shows and in one day they can present it to television.
I can't give photos in this blog, i have to change it to small size, but i don't have application to remake it. And i don't have CD to install it, so just wait.
I meet so many artist and i take picture with them :P
*later, i will update this blog.. have to work*

Monday ,3PM

* finally i install one program to resize photo


Big Reunion again in PIM2 Jakarta

Saturday,24 March 2007, there is a big reunion of my university in Pondok Indah Mal 2, Jakarta at 7 PM. Before i got reunion, i also got small reunion with my old friends in Taman Anggrek Mal, so busy day on that saturday.
In the small reunion we just talk and drink in the food court. I really miss them, last time i meet my friend maybe 1 and half year ago. And when we meet, we always say, "You are different now, you look different than 1 and half year ago!!" Hahaha we have nice conversation and so much fun..
After that i meet the other friend that i make appointment to them and i continue to go to big reunion. I meet my friend who i just know him because he ever became my assistant when i was in the university and the other is his friends. And after we meet the other friend and we go to his car and directly go to PIM 2.
Arrived there, we just wait the other friend and lecture (friends, younger student (2005-2006), lecture, some staff in my university) and finally we meet all the participants and have dinner , photos, and talk together.
We always laugh and laugh and shake hands to the other friend who i didn't know them.
Time goes very fast and we have to go back to our house and finish that event. After that we go to eat porridges, it is really delicious and they have nice tea (smells good, jasmine tea). When will we meet the other friends again?? I really want to meet them again, so much fun.
Nice to meet you all of my friend, see you soon.
Oh ya, i will go back to my hometown again to have holiday, actually long holiday from 30 march 2007 - 8 April 2007. I will have reunion again huauhauhaha.. and visit some place that i don't know, wait me there!


Friday, March 23, 2007

Jet lee and Jackie Chan will play movies together

Good news for fans of Jet lee and Jackie Chan!!!!!
Now they play together in 2 film, 'Monkey King(Journey to the west)' and 'Kings of Kungfu'. Monkey king story, like we see in the usual Monkey king tv series. King of kungfu, i think this film is very good and nice action.
I really like both of actors.
Oh ya, i got Jet lee become an Monkey, you can see it. (sorry i can upload his picture, i will give the links, so you can see him http://www.kapanlagi.com/p/jet_li_kera.jpg)

By the way, do you know Jet lee and Jacky Chan? Both of them are Chinesseman from Hongkong, and they now went to America and play in the Hollywood. They are very famouse with their action. Jet Lee always show his kungfu, tai chi.
And Jacky chan always fight with his ways, he is very funny, he always show painfull after fighting, he seldom to use stuntman. Jet lee is a person who play Fearless (the last film that i saw his movies) and Jackie chan (he has big nose) play in the Rush Hour1, Rush Hour 2, Tuxedo Man, and the other... i forgot.
Hmm just wait on your theater :D


Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Got a Problem to Open Yahoo Mail

Friends, i got a problem to open yahoo mail. When i open using IE, the content of email is blank but if i using firefox mozila, i can read that content. So weird..
I don't know what shall i do, i already try to set up on internet option, still not works.
Any suggestion for this?


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Don't have inspiration to write

Nowadays i don't have inspiration to write a blog again :( i'm so sad..
I have one topic that i will pending it to publish in this blog. Because it will take long time and long story. It's about my long weekend. Later i want to write it 1st in my leisure time.
I read about Michael Jackson in the newspaper, i just know that he went to Japan and some people still like him whenever he had so many problem like we know the last time, until he in jail.
I still like his song, 'You are not alone', i really like this song, ehm the other 'Black and White' and also the other old song from Michael Jackson.
When i was child i just guess Michael is a woman, but after that my brother told to me, Michael is a man!
Hahaha because he is so beauty :D I like his house too.. So many games, zoo, like we know Richie Rich, but it is Michael Jackson Rich :P
Oww Michael when you will release new song again? I miss it?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tukul Arwana Show

So many talk show in indonesian television. I really like this show, so funny and so natural and the host is really so funny... his moustache and his mouth kekkeke..
This talk show you can see everyday in Trans 7, 9.30 PM until 11.00PM. Almost every night i watch this show. Sometime i saw the other talk show like Oprah Show, Angin Malam, Om Farhan, Ceriwis, Kick Andy. I feel bored if i saw drama tv series in Indonesia because they are always cruel, i don't like this. There are so many broken family, step mom, naughty girl or boy, kill person.
In Tukul Arwana show, you always hear "Kembali ke laptop (back to laptop)", "Puas Puas Puas...(satisfy satisfy satisfy...)", "tak sobek sobek (i will broken broken". Oh ya his name means "tukul = growing up" or sometimes "tukul = too cool = terlalu keren(in indonesian)". Arwana = it's a type of fish. You can search in the internet.
Ohh I forgot to tell about tukul arwana show, this show name is "Empat Mata (four eyes)".
So many people in the office (my office) see this reality show, so sometime in the morning, we always talk about his talk show and after finish we always say "kembali ke laptop" :P
You can see Arwana fish and Mr.Tukul Arwana picture here. This fish is a kind of fish that bring lucky and it prices is expensive.

One of the employee of my office there is a man who looks like Mr.Tukul, i already told to him, and i want to register he to that talk show if possible. If he want it, if not, that's okay.
Oke "kembali ke Laptop......"

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Monday, March 12, 2007

If you have bad mood in the morning

Mood in your life is something important to continue your life and work. If you have good mood, you will have great power to do something and you always so many idea to finish your work. If not, not all you can finish it, maybe you will make it become messy or worse.
Why we have good mood or bad mood in the morning... I give you one fact, this is really happen to me. What is that? The answer is ... "Sleep".
When you can't sleep or you don't sleep well, in the morning you will feel a little bit boring or not fresh, and feel so tired, sleepy, no stamina, can't thinking, no-idea. I have 2 ways if you want.. i just try it to myself (not really work, but you can try it). Take deep breath and do some exercise for your body and then take a shower and drink a lot of fresh water until you feel so full. And ready to do something in your day.
The last way is, sleep enough.
I already try the 1st way, it works just few hours.. after that i feel so sleepy again hihihi
By the way, if don't have enought time to sleep, you can sleep maybe less than an hour in the lunch time, that's good for your heart and your healthy (i read in the internet).

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Bad Monday

Yuck yuck yuckkkk..
I make fool mistake again. Why? Because when i want to repair my laptop and then i enter a cd and then i want to repair my operating system (OS), and when i press 'Enter', just nothing happen, and then i press "Enter" again, maybe 2 times. And few second later, i saw "formating..." urkkkkkk
I have to format and re-install OS again. After install OS i have to install again all the application which i need it to work.
Suddenly i want to install the driver, i can't find that cd driver. I try to find it, but still can't be found!
So when lunch time coming, i just think, where i can find the driver for my laptop. And i got an idea, i try to enter MSI website, and i found it. I want to download it, but the internet connection so slow, for 30MB, it tooks more than 2 hours.
And now i want to install .NET, i have to use 2 cd the same programs, because 1 cd can't be readed, so i just change the other and if the other can't be readed again, i have to change that 1st cd again. Usually it needs about 40 minutes now hmm maybe more than 3 hours! Urgkkkk.. where is the other cd? I really need it.
So tired day .. i need to be more patient again.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Saturday so quite

Nothing to do, no plan, finally i went to office and play Counter Strike again with my friend in the office and search internet, watching some film, youtube, check email, check news.
Really nothing to do, and i don't want to stay in my room alone with book and laptop. So boring.
Oh ya later maybe i will join to fitness center if possible hehe..
Last night there are heavy rain and windy again.. when i saw television with my friend, i heard that in Denpasar, Bali got 'Puting beliung' (it's like mini tornado) after Jogjakarta. Some house and trees are broken. In Brebes got flood, the other place got land slide, nowadays about plane, fall, slipped, broken tire, explode, birds flu, and what next? oh ya, i forgot about train and ship also.
This world become so messy and i don't like to see news again and television. Because it always about accident and disaster.
Hmm.. i don't know what i want to write, it far away from the topic :p i just want to write something in my head.
If everyday like today, i really miss 2 years ago, i have so many friends, i can go where i want to go with friends, and it safe, not like in jakarta. I really hate it, when, because I'm a woman.
I really not comfort to go alone and night. By the way, I'm a chinese indonesian girl, when i walk alone, some man always teasing me, or some people will stare at me. It's the fact!
I hope this situation not happen again, but how??
If it not happen again, i really feel comfort and i can go anywhere alone in the night hihii..
I want to go to fitness area but the safe place right now is in the mall, but the price is expensive, and i don't want to waste my money to go there. Hehe
Hmm or go to basket ball club? that's sound nice too, i miss it.
Who want to play basketball with me kekekke we can make one team and play together.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Flash contest

I got from my friend, wow it's so great imagination and so creative.
I like it, you can see it on your monitor with play this film.
I just can make simple film from flash program when i was in university.
This link is the winner of flash contest, i don't know who is the winner. I just know the result film.
Just that.
Enjoy this video :D

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Accoustic Guitar Music by Depapepe

Do you like instrumental, accoustic guitar?
I suggest you listen this one, Depapepe Band. It comes from Japan, i like it so much.
You can choose slow, american style, anime style. I really really like it so much.
You can download it on this website
http://indoupload.net/members/browse/367/Depapepe (copy and paste in the search engine)
Since last week i always listen this songs from starting until finish office hour.
Oh ya in Jakarta now always cloudy, windy, rainy... with this songs and prepare some cookies and hot tea or coffee and also work, very nice.
I like this season :D but if i play this in the office, my friends will ask me to play the other musics like RnB or the other style. *the other will sleep if listen this

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Friday, March 02, 2007


Finally i can wrote more than 100 blogs!!!!! yeahhhhhhh now with this blog is 103 blogs!
I have blog in the friendster, but i seldom to update it. I just concentrate to this blog.
Later i want to make a goal 200 blogs.
Wish me LUCK!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Saw 3

Psycho film again is back!!!!
Last night i watch Saw 3 on DVD that i bougth. 5 minutes first soooo crazy person! He want to cut his foot (ankle) with saw but... he cancel it and later he broke his leg arkkkk so cruel, i really didn't want to watch that film. But i feel so embitered, finally i watch it until finish. Since i saw that film, i always look another view, i can't see that part. How can they make this film like this!
It's look like a real psycho man and always related to torturing, blood everywhere.
Before that movie i saw part 1 and 2, same with saw 3, i didn't want to continue but because of feel embireted than i continue it until finish.
Hahahaha so if you didn't want to see that.. don't see just a little, maybe you will continue it until finish.
Later i will see horror film. I really miss it, i want to see with my friends, i don't want to watch it alone.. so afraid. Because i ever saw one horor film and then i can't sleep 3 days. I saw the Ring version Japan, not the western.

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