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Friday, March 23, 2007

Jet lee and Jackie Chan will play movies together

Good news for fans of Jet lee and Jackie Chan!!!!!
Now they play together in 2 film, 'Monkey King(Journey to the west)' and 'Kings of Kungfu'. Monkey king story, like we see in the usual Monkey king tv series. King of kungfu, i think this film is very good and nice action.
I really like both of actors.
Oh ya, i got Jet lee become an Monkey, you can see it. (sorry i can upload his picture, i will give the links, so you can see him http://www.kapanlagi.com/p/jet_li_kera.jpg)

By the way, do you know Jet lee and Jacky Chan? Both of them are Chinesseman from Hongkong, and they now went to America and play in the Hollywood. They are very famouse with their action. Jet Lee always show his kungfu, tai chi.
And Jacky chan always fight with his ways, he is very funny, he always show painfull after fighting, he seldom to use stuntman. Jet lee is a person who play Fearless (the last film that i saw his movies) and Jackie chan (he has big nose) play in the Rush Hour1, Rush Hour 2, Tuxedo Man, and the other... i forgot.
Hmm just wait on your theater :D