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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good New for Cellphone User in Indonesia

wow wow wow....
For the user of celphone/handphone can have big smile :D Why i said like this?
Today i read and heard some advertisement in radio, internet, newspaper,
they do competition of the price in second not in minute.
Now become cheaper and cheaper, you know when we use cellphone credit/pulsa,
we always talk short time or use SMS is better than called someone, is it right?
I talked like this because i ever did it, but now, i think it's better that i call someone than
send SMS,because i can talk and hear so many information and clear information, maybe it's cheaper
than send SMS.
What do you think about this? Hahaha
I hope the GSM rate will be cheaper again, can compete with CDMA rate. I like GSM one, because
in some area can only use GSM. Just wait it, they will give the great rate of calling or SMS to us.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Mobile Messenger

I think almost all of you know about messenger in the your handphone, we called it mobile- messenger. I already installed one messenger that it can connect to some messenger like yahoo messenger, AOL, MSN, google talk, but i have to pay per month.
Do you have that application and also the installer? Please give me :D

New Update:
i got new installer in Java : http://bagonk.net/?p=215
i didn't try yet.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Daily Life(1)

fiuhhh finally i got a little time to write short article in this blog. From the last blog, i have so many things that i passed it and also so many problems that make me feel angry, confuse, hard to breathe. But that's all make me become mature (hmmm 'mature'? hmm i don't know exactly, hahaha).
I'm so sorry to hear that my friend's father (Ronny's father) went back to our GOD on Wednesday (last week). And the other my friend's father enter to hospital (got operation). I hope he will get better.
From all of these, i just can keep pray and pray, nothing we can't do without Him.
Back to work again..
Sometime i really miss when i have time to laugh and laugh and laugh, like when i still in the university, but now, just simple smile and simple laugh.
Hmmm miss so much, can meet my close friend, share something that can spend my time, waste time hahaha.. nowadays, it's very difficult to do that, but if i have some time, i just sleep or call my friends,Oke back to work now :D