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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Big Reunion again in PIM2 Jakarta

Saturday,24 March 2007, there is a big reunion of my university in Pondok Indah Mal 2, Jakarta at 7 PM. Before i got reunion, i also got small reunion with my old friends in Taman Anggrek Mal, so busy day on that saturday.
In the small reunion we just talk and drink in the food court. I really miss them, last time i meet my friend maybe 1 and half year ago. And when we meet, we always say, "You are different now, you look different than 1 and half year ago!!" Hahaha we have nice conversation and so much fun..
After that i meet the other friend that i make appointment to them and i continue to go to big reunion. I meet my friend who i just know him because he ever became my assistant when i was in the university and the other is his friends. And after we meet the other friend and we go to his car and directly go to PIM 2.
Arrived there, we just wait the other friend and lecture (friends, younger student (2005-2006), lecture, some staff in my university) and finally we meet all the participants and have dinner , photos, and talk together.
We always laugh and laugh and shake hands to the other friend who i didn't know them.
Time goes very fast and we have to go back to our house and finish that event. After that we go to eat porridges, it is really delicious and they have nice tea (smells good, jasmine tea). When will we meet the other friends again?? I really want to meet them again, so much fun.
Nice to meet you all of my friend, see you soon.
Oh ya, i will go back to my hometown again to have holiday, actually long holiday from 30 march 2007 - 8 April 2007. I will have reunion again huauhauhaha.. and visit some place that i don't know, wait me there!



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