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Monday, March 12, 2007

Bad Monday

Yuck yuck yuckkkk..
I make fool mistake again. Why? Because when i want to repair my laptop and then i enter a cd and then i want to repair my operating system (OS), and when i press 'Enter', just nothing happen, and then i press "Enter" again, maybe 2 times. And few second later, i saw "formating..." urkkkkkk
I have to format and re-install OS again. After install OS i have to install again all the application which i need it to work.
Suddenly i want to install the driver, i can't find that cd driver. I try to find it, but still can't be found!
So when lunch time coming, i just think, where i can find the driver for my laptop. And i got an idea, i try to enter MSI website, and i found it. I want to download it, but the internet connection so slow, for 30MB, it tooks more than 2 hours.
And now i want to install .NET, i have to use 2 cd the same programs, because 1 cd can't be readed, so i just change the other and if the other can't be readed again, i have to change that 1st cd again. Usually it needs about 40 minutes now hmm maybe more than 3 hours! Urgkkkk.. where is the other cd? I really need it.
So tired day .. i need to be more patient again.

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