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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Already arrived in MY Hometown

Hey guys, i already arrived in Magelang yesterday. Hiks alone in the airport just accompany by my handphone and newspaper :( no one can i talk to.
But lucky me can landed to Jogjakarta by plane safely hihihi thank's God! (8.30 PM)
All my family and my bf pick me up and then we had dinner together, after that we directly went to my house in magelang and talk to my family.
This morning (sunday) i feel so fresh with condition in magelang, so cool and so clean. I really like it. The funny thing, when i become shopkeeper in my mom shop, and there is a tofu seller in front of my shop, the seller is gone, she went somewhere, and i become her shopkeeper :) hahaha back to nature, and the buyer so shock because i became a tofu shopkeeper. Wkakakkaa it's new experience to me, maybe i should open tofu shop with so many accessories like i have to give them soybean milk (susu kacang/kedelai in indonesian).
Urkkk so full from morning until night, i already eat 5 kinds of food, they are, lotek, lotis, sate, kupat tahu, and sop bihun. I don't know again, if my mom invite me to eat again huakakka
i will be fat girl in this week huakakkaka
Okey i will go home to my house, i got an internet connection in my uncle house, i don't have internet connection in my house.
see you again :D


Friday, May 25, 2007

Hehehe blogging before go to hometown

Hihihi today i give my laptop that i borrowed from the office and i can use the internet to write a blog, chatting, check email.
I will go at 3 to Gambir and then i will use a bus (Damri) to go to the airport. And then use plane to go to Jogja.. My parents and my bf will pick me up and hope they will treat me a food. I will be so starving, because i just bring a bread. Arkk today i have to use plane from JKT-JGJ alone, i never go alone from JKT-JGJ, i usually went with my friend. This is the first time, but that's okay, i have to do it.
See you again... i will prepare some things again.. so sleepy.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Watching Pirates The Caribbean 3

Who doesn't know about this movie???? Maybe some of you don't know.. hehe but 99% of you already know it. This film already down to the movies. Two days ago i almost go with my friends but i have some appointment, so i just tell i'm not join. But..... my friend already bought it, so i ask my friend to change me.
Yesterday night i went with my friend to go watch PC3 (pirate the Caribbean 3) , yesterday afternoon i have lunch together with friends in the Dim Sum (Cilantro) , Pondok Indah Mal2, we went there at 1 until 5PM. After that, me and my friend run to the Plaza Indonesia / EX, we plan to watch it at 7.10PM but full, so we buy 2 tickets at 9PM. The duration of film is about 2 and half hours. We arrived at the Plaza Indonesia about 7.00PM (we go from our place 6.00PM) we always run if we can, huahhahaa until arrive at the mall, so sweaty, yuck... hungry, feel not good because the air conditioner is really cool. I feel some needle attack my bone, so uncomfortable.
We have 2 hours before PC3 start, so we decide to walk around and we find a concert place in EX mall (Plaza Indonesia and EX are the same place, the just merge with bridge), there is a launching album of Indonesian singer, he is Ryan. His songs hmm can be heard, like Ello if you know him, he sang "Pergi untuk Kembali".
I met so many artist there, Indra bekti, Indonesian Idol (Judika and the other), presenter television (i forgot his and her name), Bertrand.. and the other again, i really forgot and don't know their name, just know their face, so sorry. I didn't take picture of them, i don't have a desire about that yesterday.
I met that artist and they stand in front of me maybe just half of meter :D hehehe, me and my friend just talk and laugh together, we don't care who they are. Finally my friend take picture of them without us and take a film from her handphone.
Finally we enter to the movie theather, before that, i met my old friend, happy me, met artist and friend.
We got 2nd row from the front of the screen so great huhh.... my eyes now so tired and my neck also. But when the war begin, fiuhhhhh i feel i saw in the near place from the ship, like i using a helicopter. Hhahaha...
The story is not enough good, but hm that's okay, i already have a plan to watch it. I like the action and i Like Jack Sparrow :D so Great!
Who doesn't watch it? Hhehehe just watch it!
Guys, i will break to write a blog for few days, i will go home, like i said in the other article of mine.
See you soon, Happy weekend Days!!!!!!!

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I don't like May (month)

I really don't like this month, so many problems in my life not only this year but also last year, and 2 years ago. I always remember what i have done, and what i got it. So hard in my life..
Maybe this month is not good to me. Only on May.
Hope i can pass this month soon and hope that next year, i don't have bad thinking of next May.
I hope it.. Please God..
Sometime i feel so tired...


Last Day in Qnap

This day is my last day to work in Qnap, tomorrow i will go to my hometown for 1 week, and then start work to new company June 4, 2007.
It's hard to tell to all of friends in the company, because some of them already knew that today is my last day, and some of them not. Yesterday i talk to my friend, about today is my last day, she shocked, she didn't know. Basically, i don't like to tell (advertise) about my last day, but i have to do it. Ahhhh so tired they always said, what happen, where will you go, why, when...
But that's okay, finally i can pass it this day.
Today, i have to send to all of my friend in QnAp in Indonesia and Netherland, i think all of you got it, right? hehehe it's about .... hehe you can see it from my email.
Friends, Hope we will still contact and having fun together ya, only having fun, not sadness ... hahhaha
I really not enjoy my last day.. too sad, and cannot be expressed.
Miss you all of my friends, by the way, i still live and become your neighbor :D see you soon next week. I will go back to jakarta on June 3rd, 2007.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Start watchin Korean Drama Film

Who doesn't like korean drama film?? I ever doesn't like it, because sometime i feel so boring when i saw it alone. No one can talk to me, but i ever became drama-aholic when i still became student.
I always watched it with my family and my friends in Jogjakarta. But now, alone... hiksss i feel really miss that situation, someone can talk together to me about that film or angry together.
Hey hey hey back to topic, i like korean drama than chinese drama,or japanese drama, or indonesian drama. I like the story, and their habits is not really different with indonesian habits.
Now i start to watch "Hello Miss/Hello Baby", it's about a girl who defend the building of kingdom,
she is so pure and natural, and there are two guys who like her.
So funny story and action.
It's 16 cd, i just watched it until 8 cd. Each cd duration is about 1 hour. I hope before i go home (this saturday afternoon) i can finish it. I hope i hope..
Ahhh today i have a small farewell party, before i leave this company. We will eat Dim Sum in the Pondok Indah Mal, with friends and also boss. I hope we can happy and enjoy it.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Valentino Rossi (2)

Huhhh lost again lost again...
Hey Ros, what happen with you...
You always become champion but now....
It's because of your motorcycle or because of you?
Come On!!! Become a Champion again!

So sad when i heard he always lost in the game, he always said because of his motorcycle, but i think he not really wild like before. It's kind of trick to get money if he lost?
Hemmm i don't know.. It's a game, right..

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Listen to Another Source of Music

One day i felt so stuck and boring with my music collection, i don't have some update songs just the last time is Linkin Park, i really want to hear something new or the other songs that i don't have it.
When i use google search, i just remember radio, and then i try to find link of online radio.
Uhuy i can find it, there are so many radio online, by the way, poor me huh... haha
I just knew it nowadays, before that i just knew online tv, but i seldom to use it, because internet connection in Indonesia is very slow, and i can't hear what they said, always like a robot, or lack.
I find Indonesian radio online, Jakarta part, if i try the other part like Jogjakarta, Surabaya, or Bandung, it always said bzzzz..... bzzzz... not really clear.
I just want to try from Jakarta, sometime their entertainment not really good, then i just play my own musics, hehehe
Hmm listen radio accompany with a glass of tea? and cookies.. that's nice, isn't it :D
Let's have a glass of tea :D

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My condolences to my friend

Few hours ago, i heard that my friend's kid (Mr. Faozy's child) passed away because an accident when he played. I don't know it is a girl or boy so i just say it with 'he'.
Mr. Faozy is my friend when our company (my company and his company) merger but now we un-merger.
My condolences to his family, Be strong ya Mr.Faozy... God Bless you

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Nice Scene in Some Movies

Watching movies, i really like it, not only movies, i usually watch drama, drama serial, talk show, and the other kind. Last time i watched Korean movies and also Spiderman 3. When i saw korean movies, i really like that scene, like making photo, really nice shot. Hmm if i have samples, maybe you can understand what i mean it.
If you watched '300' maybe you can understand what i mean, they have great scene also, they make film like making photo with good art. From the color, brightnesses, angle so awesome.
When i saw Indonesian movies, 'Banyu Biru' which starring by Tora Sudiro and Dian Sastro, sometimes they have good scene, but sometimes bad. I like when Tora as Banyu stay in the beach, i like the purple sky, which he and his father stand near window see the sky.
I really like it, i feel proud of Indonesian director, he can make great scene.
I feel something different with the other Indonesian film.
Keep watching movies and see it not only know the story but also the art :D

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Today, i try to use new google analytics, i feel not comfortable to use it.
I like the old one, because i can see visitors comes from directly. But now, i have to click this, click that.. urkkk so many links, and they give me so big picture!
I like medium (not too small and not too big).
Hmm maybe i have to try and try and try until i feel familiar with it.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Have long Weekend

Good news again i got from my friend in the office that we will get long holiday fro Thursday until Sunday :D
I don't have plan to go..
Hikss i want to go to bandung but ... never mind..
maybe just going to office and playing internet or going to mall :D
Happy long holiday for you all if you got it :D


New Habitat in My BedRoom

Yesterday i feel so boring and boring and boring...
When i saw aquarium in the office, i got an idea, i will buy small aquarium and put some fish there.
Then i told to my friend, ask her, will she buy an aquarium also or just me?
Then she join me to go to fish shop, with the other friend. When we arrived there, i don't have plan to buy it at that time. I just want to see it first, then if i feel great to have pet (fish) i will buy it.
My friend has a plan to buy it at that time, but she taught her room not too big, so she canceled it. But i bought it!!! Huauhuaa i bought circle aquarium, an air pump, 2 big fish (comet), 5 small fish.
Yesterday, when i back home from swimming, i saw 1 fish out from the aquarium, and i just tough that fish already die, but hmmm when i took it, that fish shake his tail. Then directly i put it inside aquarium.
I really happy to get it :D But today i give my 5 fish to my office, hehehe i like the big fish, because it circle aquarium, i can't see them sad
Later i will buy new fish again..
Before this, i have plan to buy sea fish, but i cancel it, no square aquarium, and no shop near my house. sad
Hihhihi i got new habitat :D new friends and new aquarium biggrincool
Here it is my aquarium (now not in my bedroom) because so many people said, don't put aquarium in the bedroom, that's not good..

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New Album of Linkin Park

Guys, if you like Linkin Park, I will give you link to get/download his album :D
i already got it from internet, his album is "Minutes to Midnight"


just try it :D or if you can't download it, just open this


Few days ago i heard it from my boyfriend, he got this new album from his friend, and he told me that Chester not sing as loud as before, the type of songs is already different with last album.
Because that i try to find it from internet, finally i got it.
Just enjoy it ;D

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Bad News and Good News

Hi friends, i think some of you already got this information.. but i will tell the truth, next month i will seldom to write blog, but i will try to write everyday like nowadays.
Maybe you will guess why i tell this? Hehehe no no no, don't guess it, i will answer it now!
It's very hard to answer because there are so many problems here i should write it or no, and the end, i will write it.
Few weeks ago, i have to think hardly, because i got options to work the other company or still in current company. Only few hours ago, i got the answer, and i chose "try to work in another company" beside that i really like my current company. So many things i won't get it in another company. In the beginning of June, June 4th, 2007, i will start in new company. That company name is "I'M Technology", it's smart card company. It's from Singapore and than merger with another company from France.
My current company is "QnAP Asia", it's come from Netherland, i'm so sorry friends because i have to go from this company... But we will still contact, right, you still become my friends.
Next week, exactly May 25th, 2007' it's my last day in QnAp Asia (Jakarta), maybe we will have short time together from now. I like the situation, we are like family between us, we seldom to see our position, we always went together, have outing together, basicly we like outing!!! and also Packet Attack!!!
We have great team since i work there ....!!! Keep Moving On!!!!

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Opinion about School in Indonesia

There are so many school in the world, each state, country has different way about curriculum. This topic always make me feel funny and think like not-useful.
If you ever learn in Indonesia, you will know why i can wrote this article.
Since elementary school we have subject that we still don't know is it right or not, like history.
The other things is like ethics subject, i got it also when I learned in university (bachelor), i have to take it so many subject that almost same topic (about ethics) , i think this subject waste our time to take it. Because i have to take it more than 15 credits (if I'm not false), i knew that we have to learn it, but in the exact environment, it always different and we can learn directly from that environment.
I really don't know with this country, why they always give us this subject? And we have to took it, and it became requisite to pass the school/university?
And why the other person in the government can't did it like we got from school?
Should we erase it? (i say like this because we can get this subject from our house, from our parents, isn't it?)
Our parents always taught us become good person, right?
How about your opinion about that kind of subjects?


Download Spiderman 3 :D

Hey guys, if you want to download Spiderman 3, i never try this because my internet connection is very low, and i already watched in theater, it's better to see in theater, you have good screen and also good sounds :D
Here it is Spiderman 3 , if you can't download it, hmm you better go to theater


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Finally I Watched Spiderman 3 !!!

Finally i can write this post since few hours ago.. Why? I don't have time to did it, i didn't have idea to write it.
Hoahahha yesterday, i watched Spiderman 3, it doesn't matter i got bad position, i got line 3 from front, and near wall. Urkkk but since the film is really great! That's okay, i can enjoy and feel satisfy since it's very cold, i forgot to bring my jacket and food, I'm so starving there.
Oh ya, I'm so disturbed when there was a child start crying and crying, hikss why i got some problems when i want to get my happiness hiks hiks hiks.
Hey i really like this Spiderman 3 than Spiderman 1 and 2, i like the action of Peter Parker, when he dances, hihihi and Harry, he is so handsome :D
This film have a nice action and drama, and funny. Maybe if i have friends to see this film again, maybe i will see it again.
After watched movie, i turn around in the mall, like usual i took some picture with Spiderman, and Venom hehe. Later i will upload it on my friendster website.
There are stands of spiderman and some playground, i want to try climb wall but i can't because i have to buy things minimum Rp 100.000,- then i got 1 ticket and i can play it.
But i don't like those things.. later i will try to climb wall maybe in the university :D

*Until yesterday, the tickets is sold out! It's so awesome!!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good News from Yahoo Messenger

For yahoo messenger users, we got good news that we can save our conversation like an email.
I got this message this morning when i activated my yahoo messenger. I think you got it also.
Here it is the picture :
for the further information, you can open the website http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/messenger/web/web1/mh/mh-01.html

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Monday, May 07, 2007

How to choose if there are some options?

I know that some of you or all of you ever read this topic, i really want to write this post because before i write this post, i had to choose so many option to my continue history of my life and also my hobbies.

arrow The first thing you should know is What are the important thing if you take this option?
Just write it down from all your option, don't choose one option like what you think (like gambling).
I mean, you take the option and you don't know what the positive and negative if you take it.
I know, sometime we always did it, and we don't know what the information it is and we need to choose it in really short time. But... if we have all of that (information), why not?

arrow Second,Make the priority which is the important and best thing
arrow Third, believe or not, if your parents or your couple or your kids tell to you, don't choose it , please don't choose it. If we do something without permission of them, we will do that with not full of our spirit. (maybe it's for Indonesian :P)
I ever did like that, when i want to choose to work in Bali, suddenly less than one month, it got bomb! Lucky me!

arrow Fourth, if you want to choose it, you have to choose it with full of your soul. I mean don't choose it separately, like you want to choose, but you won't to choose.
If you want to choose, just choose what you want. Don't change again, if it critical. Don't regret what you choose.
It's possible to change your option, depends on the what your object.

arrowFifth, Think Clearly, Don't choose with under pressure and feel give up. Just don't think about that if you feel like that, just get refreshing first and maybe you can talk to the other person who know all of things than you. Maybe their opinion is very useful.

arrowPray is the best thing :D

Just do what you want to do!

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Insects inside your ear?

I guess from the title above, you can imagine if one ant inside in your ear. It's so disturbing..
I ever felt it, there is sound that make you mad and feel scare, because you don't know what happen with your ear. One thing that i can make this ant out from my ear, just put some water, and it will go out...
Here the story why ant can enter to my ear, when i sleep and i don't know that there are ants n my bed. Suddenly it enter and make sounds so great and disturbed me and suddenly i woke up, and i don't know what shall i do. I just take cotton bud, but i think again, that this ant will run inside of my ear,urkkkk finally i see a bottle of water, and i just give water to my ear.
Lucky me it can go out from my ear.
Today, i read an article that boy, inside his ear there are 2 small spider, and make home in his ear.
He said that there were sounds that make him so disturbed, finally he went to doctor and that doctor give some water, and 1 spider go out from his ear, and the doctor still try to put some water again. Woww one spider go out again!!!!
1st is died spider, 2nd the spider still alive.
And the doctor still check and make sure that no things again in his ears.
It's so funny that boy bring spiders to school and said to his friends!!! Hahaha He is so proud :D
Guys don't forget to clean your ears, but don't too clean. It's not good.
Clean your body, it's make you still healthy :D

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Massage with Blind people (be careful)

When you feel so tired, nothing to do, have enough time to take rest, it the good idea to massage your body or going to spa in the beauty center.
In Indonesia there are so many massage center, and the famous thing and safe place is in the massage place by blind people.
Blind people will massage you and they already got course on it, so they can massage you well (i never try this massage)
In every city in Java, you can find it. I don't know about the rate of it. If i take massage by normal people (absolutely woman, because i don't like man to massage me, i feel so not comfort) is about Rp15000,- and in Jakarta wow! it's so expensive! Maybe Rp 70.000,-

Last time my friend want to try this place (massage center by blind people) and he enter to that place with his friend, his friend just accompany him. One of the owner or the massager, ask him, do you want massage, he said yes.
And then he follow her, he just think why no blind people here, and in that place there are so many woman using mini skirt (sexy woman, but she is fat), and then his friend just said to him,
is this right place because he ever go to the other place but massage with blind people, it's different, because they massage people in the open rooms.
And then he cancel it to massage in that place... It's not massage place but MASSAGE ++ , That woman flirt man ...

They use the cover (massage by blind people) but they using this name for the other service. How can? How about the police or government? They didn't so something for this? Arkkkk please do something, this not right.

Just be careful guys, it's happen in Jakarta, and i ever heard not only this time.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Spiderman 3 so Amazing

Did you already watch Spiderman 3? I'm not watch this movie yet, maybe next week i will see with my friends. Since i know about theater this movie become king in so many theater in Jakarta.
All studio will play Spiderman 3, once again All Studio Will Play Spiderman 3 in one mall in West Jakarta... I want to see venom, it's so great actor i think.
I really want to see this movie, wait me next week. How about the story? Can you tell me..
You can see directly to www.21cineplex.com

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Music is my loyal friend

Day by day, second by second..
Friends will come and friends will go, no one can be your loyal friend include your family and your couple, they will leave you someday. Friends can make you happy, laugh, angry, sad, but music help you when you down, lonely, happy, boring, sad, angry, it can makes you feel different.
When you listening music, you will choose any music what do you want to listen, what do you want to enjoy your day, trip, no matter it's old, new songs. They just want to accompany you in the whole day since you listen it.
There were so much kinds of music, in each country, it's always different except international type of songs. Like in Indonesia very popular with dangdut, in america you can find country music, in india, in china, in japan... so different.
Music you can hear it every where, you can find it also in the place without electricity, it's so amazing!
I guess no one never hear or never hate music, all people like music.
Music music and music
Music can give you and can show your personality, like you girl or boy.
Is it true?

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I can sleep again!!!! I love it I like it I miss it!!!!

Huwahahhahaha finally i can sleep without any disturbed by own body alarm. Almost 2 weeks i can't sleep well, i always woke up early morning at 3 until -5 AM. After woke up, always can't sleep again. By the way i always slept on 12 in the night. It's make me feel so angry, i want to sleep!!!
And in the weekend, i want to sleep earlier than before but still can't. And then i woke up in really early morning! Urrkkkkk finally i can do some exercise, and then do something or going somewhere. I didn't take a nap in the afternoon. So tired but can't sleep well. I asked my friend, they told me that i depressed by something in my mind or there are problems, i said "no".
Lucky me today i can sleep 8 hours again lol
Back to work...and listening music again .. Old chinesse songs