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Friday, November 05, 2010

Travel To West Europe and UK

Travel to Europe its really amazing and I still think in my mind.. Am I dreaming??
Because for me travelling to Europe is hard to catch it.
It is my dream since few years ago, and I finally did it ^^
Before do travelling, there were a lot of to do, suffering, saved so much money, and also keep praying.
For my country, its very hard to get Visa to Europe and UK.
I need to prepare all the documents also money in my bank, and the other letters that very important.
Finally i got all visas (UK and Schengen), 2 days before my flight. My heart bumping very loud ^^ during i ask for visa :P almost everyday i called to the UK and Italian embassy, asked for my visa.
I didn't believe with travel agency anymore, because they work very slow and also the embassy looks not believe with the agency.
So I prefer did myself.

Finally i got it!!!!
And go around the UK and Europe!!!
I join to a group of young travellers and it was amazing that I can know one each other to new friends from another world.
They are from US, Africa, Japan, Australia ^^ we are very happy and solid.
We share our knowledge from our country, everytime we laugh and feel tired.
In uK, for me, this country was amazing! If I can scream, I will scream ^^ one place that I like, you can see in the Street Dance movie 2010 (october).
You can see the egg glass, that part/area that I like it.
I love their food, weather.. and my cousin's house, its near with the ponds. I can see the swan in the morning and see Sun Rise ^^ its so beautiful.

For Europe.. I can talk anymore about that country.. really really amazing..
I like the building, romantic person. Maybe I will tell the story one by one for each country that i stayed there.
But if you still young and have money, there are so many things that you can learn from there.
Use tour agency for young person only, or you walk alone like backpacker ^^
But if you feel not comfortable, hmm you can use your own country travel agency.

I use UK's travel agency for this trip, they only tell you the story, give you the accomodation (hotel and bus from one city/country to another city/country), and in the city, you only have a map and money, and you search your destination like museum, shop, restaurant, or the other things by yourselves.
Just make a friend in my team ( I use a group of persons who join to young group from certain travel agency, we join to a trip for 19 days)

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