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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BBQ party in QnAp Asia

BBQ party again after office hour in front of office ;p
Everything is ready to grill, we grill chicken, beef, pork, corn and fry french fries. Hmmm so yummy, almost all of the employee join in this party. This party is to celebrate Markus birthday on 8 March 2007, finally we celebrate it, sorry Markus for being late to celebrate it.
When we grill it, everybody looks so busy with their task, and sometime i took picture of them and in that situation looks so crowded. Some of them shout "Where is the plate, i need it", "I need butter", "I need chili sauce".... And I shout " I need well done beef !! I'm hungry!!"
But nobody hear me :( but finally i got it.
WKkakaka When will we make BBq Party again? I really like this moment, since in Jakarta, this is the 3rd times. All of that events keep memory in my mind. 2nd time, there is fire hand :D and i attended there with my bf. 1st time, i attend there with all of employee and it's like an event that make me and the other friends become close friend like family.
Hey guys, if you want to make BBq party again, let's start it.. don't forget to invite me ya :D

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