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Thursday, March 29, 2007

AlMost Holiday again :D

I can't wait again!!!!
I really need holiday, very long holiday.
I will go back to my hometown (magelang and jogjakarta)
I hope that i can go to beach near jogjakarta.. i really want to go beach!!! That's it... Almost 2 years i didn't go there, i miss to swim, play with sands, water, look sunset or sunrise, play with friends.
I will be in magelang or jogjakarta fo 1 week (30 March 2007 - 8 April 2007). So guys if you will in Jogjakarta, maybe we can meet together and have a small reunion there, please contact me ya.
Oh ya, i will lose some friends in my company, 3 peoples, Hariyani, VC, and Budi.. I'm so sad to hear that but are we have an opportunity to meet again? Maybe we can have dinner together or going somewhere? By the way, if you have new phone number, please tell me, so we still can contact. :D Good luck guys and wish you got new job and new life out there and also new couple and happines.

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