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Friday, November 30, 2007

Raise Busway Rate

Today i read from the online news, it said that the busway rate should raise start the beginning of January 2008.From Rp3500,- become Rp5000,-.SO what about the rate from 5-7am? The recent rate is Rp 2000,-Do you know ?
Hmm nowadays its better to use public transportation than own vehicle, because so many problems in the road, also traffic jam :( i don't like it


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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hot, Traffic Jam, Criminal, Pollution, Bad People

Hohoy start blogging again! I really miss it.. write in English and start find new topic, what should i write here, listening music, the world become mine, no one can not disturb me :p hahhaha but still chatting with blog (huh.... what is this?)
Fiuhhh since 2 months ago until now, west jakarta became so busy city, you will seldom to see jakarta without problems, if not flood, earthquake, traffic jam, making new route for busway, hard to find fresh water (always dirty water). Urkkkk but last month i can free from that problems, because i stay in Bintaro for a month. Hihihi and i feel that i work like in Japan or Singapore, i went to office and went back to my house using train :D hihihi..
I really like using train because it fast and without traffic jam. But one day because of an electricity is down and Idul Fitri, i should wait and find another way to went home or went to office. It is very hard day... hey hey hey.. it's out of topic!!!!
Okay back to the topic... Nowadays the sun is shine brightly and so hot, urkkk the air conditioner can not force this hot. Owww i'm not use air conditioner in my bed room, then now my room became sauna room :D
But hmm why my body not getting thin ? i always sweat in the night because of the weather is hot... hmm no idea..
Global Warming ? It is headline topic now, so many people want to plant tree, or find something to avoid it. Hey what do you think about Global Warming? maybe we should make big refrigerator to make so many ice and big ice then send it to the north or south polar :P
These days i really don't like to stay in Jakarta! I really Hate it! Why i can say this?
It is because when i want to cross road and there are so many cars, motorcycle, buses, they didn't want to give chance to me to cross the road. Maybe only 1 person from 100 who gives me the way. How can it be!!!!!!!!
I knew you really hurry to arrive in office or somewhere, but if you give me the way maybe just 10 seconds, then you can press the gas again and going to the place... Just 10 seconds!
Besides that hm the criminal that i ever seen, there were robber, it happen about 1 week ago maybe more than that, there was a robber that run and some citizens want to catch him. I dont know the story after that because i directly continue to go somewhere. :P
wew.. it is very very busy city :p
Oh ya now in the north jakarta (muara karang, pluit) got flood, maybe 1 meter. I just know from the newpaper and news online, Hey where is your promises to make Jakarta better than this? Hehhehhee the funny thing that i knew, Jakarta still have same problem with problems before, it is Rubish/Garbage problems, why they not solve it with make trash can in the road and clean the stream, river with the Country money? They always repair the city lamp that still good condition, or painting the building or bridge, or something that still good condition?
Hmmm WHat is THis? hhahhahahhaa it is funny huuh...
Well i really don't understand with these :D
But Let's Go Continue our LIfe with these condition :D