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Monday, March 05, 2007

Accoustic Guitar Music by Depapepe

Do you like instrumental, accoustic guitar?
I suggest you listen this one, Depapepe Band. It comes from Japan, i like it so much.
You can choose slow, american style, anime style. I really really like it so much.
You can download it on this website
http://indoupload.net/members/browse/367/Depapepe (copy and paste in the search engine)
Since last week i always listen this songs from starting until finish office hour.
Oh ya in Jakarta now always cloudy, windy, rainy... with this songs and prepare some cookies and hot tea or coffee and also work, very nice.
I like this season :D but if i play this in the office, my friends will ask me to play the other musics like RnB or the other style. *the other will sleep if listen this

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