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Monday, April 30, 2007

Farewell party again and Nice BBQ party

Yesterday, 30 April 2007, we celebrated birthday and farewell and also reunion party.
Some of colleagues came and have fun together and also not forgot to make sweet memory with camera. We talk together, grill, eat, drink soft drink, it's so fun.
One of my friend resign today, and he will study again in Jogjakarta (Go success yo!) so we just make small party in the office.
One thing, we have new aquarium!!! I will buy fish huehuhe.. I have new friends ! i hope i can have a dog in the office if possible. I really want it.. i wish :D
Oh ya guys, i still have corn again.. do you want?

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Went to Bogor

razz I went to Bogor with my friends, we went there in the morning. We went to Kebun Raya Bogor and Istana Bogor ( it is a place when George Bush came to Indonesia this year). There were so many plants (like a forest) and it's really big garden and a lot of people there. I went there on Sunday, because that they got vacation in the same place with me.
Oh ya we went to find some food. Before we went to Kebun Raya Bogor, we went to eat macaroni and apple pie ;D i like both places. It's makes me feel comfortable to eat and talk and also taking pictures. And then we ate Ngo Hiang, Durian ice (i don't like it, it's different taste, i bought in the wrong place) .
In Kebun Raya Bogor, i have a plan to see 'bunga bangkai' i forgot in english. But this flower it so big, red, and stink. It cames from Bengkulu. Urkkk i forgot it's name. (i found it Titan Arum) and Rafflesia. We can't see that flower, because it's dead or maybe it's not the right time for that plant to show us. Hahaha
I'm so satisfy to went there, i really like that kind of place than went to mall. Nothing make you feel so free. Oh ya fee for ticket to enter Kebun Raya Bogor is Rp5000,- it's cheap yah...
Don't forget to bring water, i'm so thirsty but don't be afraid, there were salesman and cafe.
This cafe sale western food and not really expensive, nice scenery you can see from this place. And also you can enjoy wind... fresh air.. fresh eyes also... this cafe inside kebun raya bogor.
to be continued.. i will go some places again..


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Change MSN Messenger Display Color

Few minutes ago i found how to change MSN Messenger display color :D when i just want to change my font color, but i didn't change it but display color is changed.
So i had an idea to write in this blog. I ever change Yahoo Messenger display color but it has to extract 1st and then you can choose it like install 1st. It takes some memory of your harddisk, but MSN Mes. not. You can change display color what you want. just 1 second :D

Try it :D

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sweet Martabak "Martabak Bangka"

Sorry friends for the 1st time, i wrote about this food..
From before i took holiday until today, i had plan to eat this food.
I really want it, when i'm in my hometown, i can't find it because the shop is closed. And i don't want to try the other shop. In jogja, i didn't buy it, because only me will eat it. My bf didn't want it...
Finally yesterday i wrote my status in yahoo messenger that i want it, and my friend invite me to buy it together. Lucky me, she treats me!!!!! Thank you very much hahhaa
She bought cheese and chocolate peanut!
It tastes... sweet, oily, full of fat, warm, if you bite it, some liquid will out from this martabak. Urkkk try it!! Ahhh my saliva continuing out from my mouth. Ahhh i'm so sad, why it falling rain ? I have to wait it again in the office :(
arkkkk so sad, unlucky again... hope the rain will stop as soon as possible. Pleaseeeeeeee!!!!! Don't do that to me again, almost 1 month!

******* Finally i got it hohaoahoaoa i'm so satisfy!!!!!*****


Monday, April 23, 2007

My harddisk is broken

Bad news again for me, that i have to lost some of my data that i didn't save it to dvd, it because of my harddisk is broken and can't be used again. Last night i try to back up after office hour, but it only detect usb but not the harddisk, so i just try to ask my friend, if he know something to repair it so i can make back up data again. But... i heard from him, this harddisk is broken/died.
Arkkk... but lucky me, i still can save some photos and some data from that.
Good bye my data :(


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy & Tired on Sunday

I attended to 2 events yesterday, 1st my sister got baptism become Christian and my friend's wedding.
I woke up really early morning maybe at 3.30 AM, i can't sleep again but i keep try to sleep again, and i can sleep until 4.30AM arkkk.. i start to pray hehehe, it's maybe God want me to pray in the early morning, before that, i got so many weird things like i heard some noise from my not active cellphone, i heard that it got new sms, but my cellphone is not active and then i heard that some books are fall down, when i checked it, no books are fall down.
When i want to sleep, it directly there is blitz in my eyes. After that, i pray... and talk with Him.
After few minutes (maybe 15 minutes) i can sleep until 7PM and then i prepare to go to church with my sister. And we arrived there on 9.30AM, and the church is already start, and we had to wait again until 11AM. And we went to small shop and eat there.
After 11, we enter and it until 1PM, baptism event are started, maybe more than 55 peoples include my sister will got baptism.
I just keep take picture and make film when my sister turn ... Congratulation ya Sister :D
It just less than 5 minutes.. After that we went home and i took a nap about half an hour, and then i prepare to go to my friend 's wedding in Sunterlake hotel, it's very faraway from my house.
I went there with my friend and my neighborhood, she looks beauty and he looks so handsome, they look so happy , i can see from their face. Congratulation for Rossy and Ferdinand!!!!!
Hope you will got new generation soon :D
I arrived in my house, 9.30PM, so tired, and i called to my bf... and then sleep..
So tired day and happy day!


2nd Laptop Broken again

This morning...
Bad news again!
Urkkkk 2nd time i have to change my laptop. 1st time my laptop brand is Maxdata, it just have processor 800MHz, 2nd time MSI M630 now i use ASUS. Those laptop are from my company.
MSI M630, urkkkk it suddenly make sounds so weird, that sound like gokart machine. Maybe it's from loudspeaker, i'm so afraid if it suddenly blow up, i just turn it off, and i try to turn on again, it still make that sound and finally i turn off again.
Few minutes ago, i try to turned on again and still same, but the Operating system is broken.
Maybe last night i got a sign to burn all my data, but i didn't did it :( Last night i'm so tired...
I plan to burn it all to DVD this week, but i'm not luck ...


Migrate from XL Bebas to Xplore

Last week i went to Citraland mall in Jakarta and i just had a plan to go to supermarket. When i finished to pay all the things and i walk to go out from the supermarket, i pass XL stand, and i had an idea to migrate my cellphone card. I heard it's cheaper than i have. So i try to migrate it and urrkkkk i forgot to bring my cellphone, so she just wrote my identity and she asked me to SMS her about my card number. So i have to wait 1 week to migrate it.
This friday i will got new status of my card, but still using old card, just change the status, from XL bebas become Xplor.
If you want to know about my card, just visit www.xl.co.id

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Rocky Balboa !!

Saturday when i didn't have any plan to go, i watched this movie, it will be play on movie as soon as possible. I really like this movie, i watched it with my DVD player, it has good picture and also translation in english.
And i don't forget to watched special feature of this film. I really like this film, how many times i always say 'i like this film" Hahaha...
Sylverster Stallone still become Rocky/Rocko.
He is getting old i can see from his face and also his body, but his spirits still like a young guy! and his friend like paulie, still like young guy.
And one thing that i can see in this film is, i can saw Mike Tyson!
I really miss him a lot! I really want to see him in the place he can fight. I really want to see him fight again like fight with Holyfield (sorry, if make a mistake in typing his name).
I heard that Mike sell his house and he got a problem with drug again :(
I'm so sad about that. So amazing when i saw Rocky fight with Dixon (his enemy in this film) and i felt enter to that room and want to shout 'Come on Rocky, you can do it, PUNCH HIM!!!! Come on, GET UP!!)
Fiuhhh.. it's so crazy for woman like me haaa... hahhaa... but if you like Rocky since you saw 1st Rocky, hmmm and you like it, you can feel like me also. COME ON ROCKY!!! Waakkakkaa...
Just see that and don't forget to bring some snack and drink :D
I'm so hungry right now :D


I saw again City of Angel

Few times ago i always saw advertisement about movie "City of Angel" when i watched Friends (from begining until the end of friend, now i still watch until in the middle of the story, i addicted of these film i mean Friends film, almost every night i had to watch this film until i feel asleep and sometime sleep with friends still playon my player kekkekeke).
Before i saw Rocky Balboa, i saw this movie alone when i woke up in the early morning, hmm no sport today, too lazy to have jogging alone.
This movie starring by Nicholas Cage and also Meg Ryan, it's few years ago, i saw in the cover (it's not really clear), 1998,if i'm not wrong, i don't know maybe 1998 or 1993.But i think it's 1998, because 1993 i didn't have VCD player and i saw it with VCD player.
Hmm it's about an angle falling in love with human, and he just think how he can be a human and he can love her and also he can feel how to taste foods and also pain and he can bleeding.
This is sad story , i don't like the ending of this film, but if i can become a director of film, maybe i can change it to happy ending. Why?
Because when he met with Maggie (Meg Ryan) and he can touched her, and he just met her for 2 days after he became a human, she pass away because she got accident to one big car. It's kind of funny thing the way she died. How come.....
I really don't like this part. That's okay since i still can find this film and i can see it, because nowadays it's seldom to find old movies and i really like old movies because they had good until best stories, not like movies nowadays, they just has simple story and it just press on the animation or an action, and also how the beautiful or handsome guys. By the way i like to see handsome and beautiful person but i don't like the story of film, It's makes me feel boring and it's very amazing for me that i can feel asleep in the Theatre. oke i want to see the other old film again, i already borrowed some film from my friend and i have to give him maybe this week. It's still more than 5 film again :(


Friday, April 20, 2007

Farewell party for Rudi

Today is the last day with Rudi in the office :(
SO sad.. i have to lost one friend in the office, may he got new future and also become successful person and happiest person.
Today we ate in Taman Anggrek Mal with the other friends and also clients. Hmm we enjoyed our lunch together at Venus Restaurant. It's nice place to find out delicious food. Hehehe
Thank's for being my friend in the company and hope you always become friend after out of this company :D


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Want to find and know some gadget

I find a web that sell so many gadget and it's so nice and you want to see it what it is..
just try open http://www.gadgetshop.com/
If it's in indonesia, maybe i will buy it.. i like some gadget..
there is a lamp that we can recharge it by sunshine (i think it use solar cell).
And i like it color of lamp.
Open it

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Back Up your CD

Nowadays people always save their data (computer) in CD or DVD or maybe in the harddisk. If you save it in the CD, just make a back up every 5 years, if not your data will be broken or lost.
Oh ya if your quality of CD is bad (the cheaper ones), you have to make back up less than 5 years, you have to check it every 2 years, to avoid losing data.
About DVD, hmm it same with CD i think...


Restaurant Under the Sea

Some people like to eat in the restaurant. They try to find exciting place to eat, romantic, delicious, strange food, nice service, expensive, best quality, special food, nice decoration,etc..
They always try from one restaurant to other restaurant (so am i). If that restaurant place is faraway from their house, hmm what do you think about them, they will go there or not?
The answer is, they will go there and try that food!
How they can find new place for eat? That restaurant will informed you about them by advertisement from television, email, newspaper, magazine, radio, so many things to advertise. But i think advertise mouth by mouth is very very good. Because friends always tell the truth and sometime friends have same tasting food like our tongue.
This restaurant picture i got from internet, and it's real! This restaurant under the sea, you can see so many and various fish and food. I don't know price of food, i just know this restaurant in the Rangali island, in the hotel.
It's so amazing right.. If this restaurant in Indonesia, maybe i can try it and absolutely i have to save my money first before i eat in that restaurant.

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K800i or K810i?

Do you want to change your handphone or cellphone? I want!! I want to change handphone but not the same brand again.. because it's fitur always not complete :(
I can buy new handphone with complete fitur and also cheaper. I try to find the new one and it's includes 3G, by the way, now i don't need to use 3G.
I already saw and find so many website and price of K800i but K810i still not launch in the shop. So i has to wait for it. I think about price, i have to wait again, because, SE(sony ericson) prices always fall down if there is new product from factory.
Do you know about the other handphone again, that same rate and fitur?

specification of K800i, i got from www.studiohandphone.com



UMTS / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900



105 x 47 x 22 mm


115 g



TFT, 256K colors


240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inch, 30 x 40 mm

- Wallpapers, screensavers



Polyphonic (72 channels), MP3


Composer, download





1000 x 20 fields, Photo call

Call records

30 received, dialed and missed calls

Card slot

Memory Stick Micro (M2)

- 64 MB internal memory



Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps






Yes, 384 kbps




Yes, v2.0

Infrared port



Yes, v2.0



SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging


WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML(NetFront)


FotoQuestFishing, MiniGolf + downloadable


Velvet Black, Allure Brown


3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, video(QCIF), xenon flash; secondary video call VGA camera

- Java MIDP 2.0
- RDS FM radio
- MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player
- TrackID music recognition
- T9
- Image viewer
- Picture editor
- Picture blogging
- Organiser
- Built-in handsfree
- Voice memo/dial


Standard battery, Li-Po 900 mAh (BST-33)


Up to 350 h

Talk time

Up to 7 h


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ninja Turtles!!!!! Nice Weekend!

Huhuyyyy finally i can watch TMNT (teenage mutant ninja turtles), i like the enemy than that turtles :D sorry turtles :P
I saw it yesterday with my older sister and there are so many kids maybe 70% of the watchers are kids.
Before the movie starts/shows, some kids were crying, scream, told to his helper or mom, he wants to go to bathroom, arkkkk so noisy..
But one thing that i like it, i seldom to see someone look his handphone (it's because kids).
It's duration is about 1 hour and 15 minutes, so short film. I like Leonardo.. Turtles with 2 swords.
The funny turtles is Michaelangelo, angry turtles is Ralph, genius turtles is Donatello.
Before watching movie, i ate with my sister, there some strange guys.. when i got some food that i ordered, that guys from outside watch to my food, (i sit near the glass door) and then the other guys did like that also.. Argkkk so strange.. and hey.. one group of that guys come and eat in the same restaurant with me. Hahaha..
Btw yesterday i don't like it's food and i just like it's tea.. that foods too oily and strange taste. Later i don't want to try foods from that restaurant again, maybe it's because of it tastes not match with my tongue. Maybe...

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday 13!!!!!!!!

Today is Friday 13th, in Javanese calendar, if Friday Kliwon... Hmmm it's like Friday 13th..
I remember Freddy, when and old film, i forgot it... maybe 15 years ago if i not wrong.
What will you do in this scarey day? watch scarey movie ?
Or do like usual? I just want to see Mr.Bean in Holiday (it's nice movie right?)
Let's go to theater :D
Have pretty weekend guys


It's a strategy of competition?

For example, i choose shampoo, nowadays there are so many brand of shampoo, drop his price (shampoo price), or sometime the just add the content of shampoo or maybe they give a gift or sometime they sell a packet ( buy 2 get 3).
I just think how they can get a profit from that way?
Hmm maybe because of the decrease price of things to make shampoo, if not, how?
Hmm second opinion, maybe they just get small profit and the important thing is they can sell as much as possible. So from that selling product they can get profit as much as possible.
The funny thing that i can see is, about the shape of bottle, you can see it's almost same between one product shampoo with the other product shampoo. And if one brand launch new bottle, the other brand will launch new bottle also. Is it because of that brands is in the one company or they book bottle from the same bottle's company?

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Suzuki GSX exhibition

Wow... Wow ... Wow...!!!!
I saw big motor again 600cc, i know it's not really big. But i really like to see them. I saw there are two big motorcycle, one is blue and one is gray. The gray one is build up motorcycle. I saw it in the Citraland, maybe i can see it again this Sunday. I will bring my pocket camera, yeseterday i want to take picture of it but my memory card already full and it's only handphone camera. :(
That's okay, i will upload again that picture.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Advertisement not really give the right information?

I read newspaper online this morning, and i saw so many headline news about one new operator cellphone in Indonesia that lie to their consumer because of his advertisement.
When i read it, i just keep smile, because, nowadays people make advertisement really not give complete information about the products. So, some people feels they already being tricked by the company. Not only that operator cellphone, but the other products also, like cosmetic, shampoo, soap, food, etc.
Beside that, they are not forget to write or to say, "if you want complete information, please call ******** or open our website http://******"
So we have to call or open the website to get all the real information.
Oh ya, don't forget with aim of advertisement! They make it to attract consumer to consume the products!! So they try with the best way to do it.


Monday, April 09, 2007

My Holiday on Easter day

Fiuhhh finally i can write this article about my holiday since 31 March - 8 April 2007. I went back to my hometown (Magelang and Jogjakarta)..
I went back to Jogjakarta by plane with my friend, we have delayed an hour, we got flight at 11.20 become 12.20 (more than that).. I'm so tired and a little bit hungry, lucky me, i already ate one bread. After arrive in Jogjakarta, my family picked me up and we went to eat Gudeg Yu Djum. I ate this because i don't know which food i want to eat :p and i want to eat as soon as possible. Finally i arrive in Magelang and meet my sister and the other family :D

Saturday 31 march 07, i meet my bf and the Gank, and we celebrated my friend's bday in the night. Before that, i went to the movie saw "Meet The Robinson", i didn't see it all, because i'm so tired and fall asleep in that movies :P hahaha.. After that we went to the one restaurant and Karaoke hepi puppy. It's so much fun !!

Sunday, i went to Catholic church with my friends at 8.30 AM, this day before Easter day. We called it 'Minggu Palma', we are given 3 leaves of palm trees. After from church, we seperated, we have to went back to our house, because Monday, some of us have to work again.

Almost a week i stayed in Magelang , meet my old friends and play together with my brother, mom and dad :D and also try some old and new snack hehe
Oh ya, i try cake in the Novotel hotel (after 8 PM, it's discount 45%) hihi, and i ate in the swimming pool with my bf, hmm so romantic wakakkaa, i remember when i still in the university i always go to this hotel only ate cakes with my friends and talk together in the swimming pool. Yummy cakes!!
Friday, i went to Depok near Parangtritis beach and i ate seafood there, so cheap and they had various fish, i ate shark huheuhue..
It has delicious meat :D and in that beach i take so many pictures and wait sunset.
Friday night, i went back to Magelang again.. so tired day but happy day.
Saturday, the day before i went back to jakarta, urkkk i feel so lazy to go to jakarta again, to busy city and hot city :( i like to stay in my hometown, cool, little polution, cheap to eat, there are so many place to go, oh ya, i ate Nasi Godog om Bendot near Malioboro, i miss them so much.. And i went to malioboro too, to bought some souvernirs for my aunty. If you go there just press 70% from the real price. If they offer Rp 10.000,-, you bargain Rp 3000,- try this.
Because i got a thing Rp 25000,- and i try to bargain from Rp 5000,- and they give it Rp 7500,-
Try as you can :D
Finally the day to went back to Jakarta (sunday, 8 april 07), i went back to jakarta by plane again "Adam Air", hmm i think you know this plane, when i enter this plane, i just keep pray and pray, fiuhh nothing happen with this plane. I think this plane is better than "Wings Air". When i went back to Jogjakarta i use "Wings Air" plane, there was a smoke from Air Conditioner (maybe too cold) and there some water in the roof. But in the Adam Air, everything is oke.
Just pray if use it hehehe ..
Fool me, when i want to pay airport tax, i pay it in the wrong locket, i pay it in the insurance locket, i didn't read it. I just pay, and just think, why the airport tax is cheaper than before? Hmm Lucky Me..
After that, i entered to the waiting room, and one officer check my boarding pass, she told to me," Miss, you didn't pay the airport tax, please pay it first.", I'm so shocked!! I think i'm already pay it, and then she told me " you paid the insurance not the airport tax" .. I'm so shy hihihi and then i talked to the insurance officer, "Can i canceled the insurance?" and they told "Yes you can, so we give you Rp 10.000,-" (i paid for insurance Rp10.000,-). Okay... then i paid airport tax. Hmm no body in the waiting room, everybody already in the plane :P (i enter 10 minutes before take off), oh ya i meet my friend and her father also.
After arrived in Jakarta, i use DAMRI bus from airport to Slipi (only RP 15.000,-) and then i user taxi to go to my boarding house. This is my 1st time to use DAMRI bus, safe, and comfort (without thief and no standing person). Half hour after arrived in my boarding house.. Urkkk so hot and falling rain (hard rain) ... I'm so lucky again that i can arrived before rain. And in the night i meet my sister and then went sleep.
That's it my holiday :D

Additional information : when i stayed in magelang, almost everyday i went to gym near my house. That gym include with internet station (in indonesian it's called "warnet = warung internet"), and i went there in the night from 6.30 - 9 PM. I went there with my brother, bf, friends and i met the other friends and new friends.
Wow it's so funny that i meet my friend's friend!!
Hmmm i just shocked too, if i went to gym in Jakarta, it's so expensive (include swimming pool) and in Magelang... so cheap because that i always went to that gym and do some exercises and there was trainer that inform me what should i did (exercise).
Sweat sweat and sweat... Fiuhhh after that i can sleep well until morning. :D


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Overload Vitamins

Recommended daily amount (RDA) not established
Top Limit 600 mg
The risk Smokers (and inhalers of secondhand smoke) beware: When beta-carotene taken in supplement form mixes with cigarette smoke, it changes from an antioxidant that wards off cancer to a harmful pro-oxidant that ups the risk of lung cancer. Get the nutrient through foods like carrots and sweet potatoes rather than pills.

RDA 1,000 mg
Top Limit 2,500 mg
The risk Watch out for calcium-fortified Tums or new calcium-fortified chocolates. Too much calcium can lead to kidney stones, calcium deposits in your arteries, and, ironically, weakened bones. That's because an excess of calcium prevents absorption of other nutrients necessary for bone health, such as magnesium, says Mark Woodin, Sc.D., professor of epidemiology and environmental health at Tufts University in Boston.

RDA 18 mg
Top Limit 45 mg
The risk Studies show that high blood levels of iron (found in meats, spinach, lentils, and soybeans) may be a risk factor for heart disease. Iron also competes with important minerals like copper for absorption in the body, says Roberta Anding, R.D., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

Vitamin A
RDA 5,000 mg
Top Limit 30,000 mg
The risk Too much vitamin A can cause liver problems, diminished bone density, and birth defects, says Martha Belury, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition at Ohio State University and WH advisor. Since you get the vitamin A you need through foods like milk, eggs, carrots, and peppers, a supplement isn't necessary.

RDA 8 mg
Top Limit 40 mg
The risk An overdose of zinc can lead to hair loss, ovarian cysts, and muscle spasms. It isn't hard to max out when some lozenges for cold relief deliver between 46 and 50 milligrams a day, according to ConsumerLab, an independent firm that verifies commercial claims.

This from http://www.womenshealthmag.com/
Basically all of the overload vitamins is bad, just consume enough vitamin and the other mineral.
Don't forget to drink at least 8 glasses of mineral water or it same with 2 liters mineral water and do some exercises.

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Four foods to help fight cancer

Four new studies have found cancer-battling compounds in these plate toppers. Add them to your shopping list today.

Broccoli sprouts: Fight stomach cancer
How: They contain sulforaphane glucosinate, which restricts the activity of the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, a major contributor to gastric cancer.
Protective dose: 1/2 cup daily

Cranberries: Fight leukemia and lung and colon cancer
How: They contain proanthocyanidins, which hinder the growth of cancer cells.
Protective dose: Not yet determined, but researchers suggest a handful of dried cranberries daily

Garlic: Fights breast cancer in red meat eaters
How: A compound called diallyl sulfide counteracts a carcinogen in red meat that can lead to breast cancer.
Protective dose: Two fresh cloves weekly

Cabbage: Fights breast cancer
How: It contains a compound called glucosinolate, which inhibits carcinogens and aids in DNA repair.
Protective dose: 100 grams (about 1/2 cup) every other day, raw or cooked for no longer than 15 minutes

I got this article from www.womenshealthmag.com

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