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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tips for Doing a Presentation

I want to share tips for you that you still feel nervous on the day you have todo a presentation, it really work for me.

1. Collect all the material that you really need it

2. Learn and knowing about your material

3. Practise in the certain place that people can look you and they can hear your presentation (in home, in front of your friends, mom, dad)

4. Prepare some question and the answer also, maybe audience will ask the same questions with yours

5. Try to heard all of their question first then you can answer them.Maybe you can wrote their questions, because if you heard all of that, you will forgot their questions and you just answer questions that you still remember it.

6. Use good clothes, it will attract their concentration. They will look and hear what you say.

7. Make the situation becomes comfortable for you.

8. You can give them some question, then you can continue your presentation.example : do you understand until this part?

9. Don't forget to pray before and after presentation :D

These are small things that i can share to you, i used it yesterday when i had a big presentation in my life.

I'm so scare, but after i started to presentation, i can kick of my fear.
I really don't like when there is a presentation, and there is a snack time but still in the event.

If they want to have snack time, at least, they have different timenot in the same time.

Why i said like this? yesterday when i did it, they gave the participant snacks, and their concentration on the snack not the material.

It's very very make me feel urkkkkI just want to share my experience to you.

I'm so glad that i can finish it well. Thank's GOD

Oh ya guys, if you have the other topic, you can share it here or in your blog. :D

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People's Thinking, Same or Not with Our Thinking?

I think all of you ever think about this when you work or play together with your friend or colleagues.Today i got this idea, when i talk to my friend about job or about the other things. Sometime we meet a person that he/she has same thought with us, but sometime not. If we meet people with same thinking with us, there is an advantages and there is disadvantages.Why i told there is disadvantages? It's depend on what we are talking about.If we need some suggestion/input, if all of them have same idea with us, hmmm we don't have the other alternativeto take. But if they thought are totally different and it's impossible, sometime it makes me feel lazy to heardhaha beside that i have to hear it also.Hear first and then think it in our brain, then give an opinion if it needed,this is smart people, is it right? This action very hard to take, because i usually talk when he/ she not finished yet.
When i think about it again, i just remember, silent/be quiet is like a gold. Once again, it's depends on the situation.Peoples are creative, they can have so many things to talk and so many things to be expressed. Just try to hear their thought or opinion, it will make your thinking become better if you try to find the other way.What your opinion about this topic?

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So great after Presentation

Finally i finish all of my work today and also i already presentation about the project in front of the client,Fiuuuuuuhhh i'm so happy that my fear already kick by me hahahaThis is the first time in my life since i work in the company,and i still new in this company and also this is a big chance that i can did it well.
Wewwww thank's to God that He show his way to me.
Oh ya, when i went to the client company, wow it's very big, and i really likeit's canteen.
I got a coupon to eat there Rp 15000,- hmm i got so many thingslike fish, chicken, fruit, vegetables, and the other.I can hear and see live music there, if my current company like this company, hmmmafter office hour, i can sit there and drink a cup of tea before i go home.Hihihi i'm so shy to said this, today i saw Coffee machine... just pay some money and then get a cup of coffee.
This is my first time to see it...Hihihii.... like we see in the television in the hospital or in the office.So shy but finally i saw it bud didn't try it.
The cheaper one is Rp 5000,-Oh about the elevator, hihii... i really shy about this..In the elevator, you can watch television, that television played some advertisement thereit's better than nothing, but the button of floor, it's not touch screen. So bad..Oke i just want to said like this in this blog.
Nowadays i seldom to wrote about technology or something,i always talk about my life nowadays.
So sorry guys, but later i will write the other things.
Before i wrote this blog, when i walk to the office, i had some idea, what i want to write ithere, but after i arrived in the office, it always hide from my mind.
Wait the other blog again yuh...

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blogger in Indonesian

Today i opened blogger, hey it changed, from english become indonesian (language).
Hmmm when i see the news in the dashboard, it really different, when it in indonesian, it just give a few of news.
But in english, it show so many news. How can? Is it because of the translatiion of news not already done or something else?
Now from indonesian, i change again into english.
It's look familiar for me.. hehe because some words which translated to indonesian, it's so weird.
Back to english :D

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's Unbelievable Day:D

Lalalala... today is my b'day, lalaalala..
i got 1 year again, hmm if i become 17th again, if...
but not..
today all of my friends in the company greet me, and my close friend greet me also.
But today, i got sms from unknown number, heyyyy it's my oldfriend!
I never contact her, but she always remember my b'day.
WOwwwwW i'm really really happy about this (my friends remember my b'day :D).
I got big big big surprize...!!!!!!!!
Until i can't blink my eyes, talk, just play with my teeth....
It's come from my senior and manager... I have to do a big job!
Wish me luck!!!!! HUwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I'm so crazy about this job..
Hueuehe but i'm happy to get this.
New experience, challenge, WOW
Anyway, thank's friend ...


Monday, June 18, 2007

Smileeeeee :D

Fiuhh finalyy i arrived in my office, my pants became dirty, using sandals, my hair became so messy, feel bad, sleepy, using umbrella. Hahaha today is my first day when i went to office in the rainy day, but not hard/heavy rain, just little rain i miss when i work in the last company, because i don't care if it rain or not, i just walk for 10 seconds,and then i can arrived in the office safely.Fiuhhh lucky me that i heard accoustic guitar music, because it support to make nice situation at least makes my feeling better. I said like this because the driver of busway (special bus) like a crazy man!he suddenly stop, and everybody move forward so fast (you know what i mean?) i pushed 2 person in front of me so suddenly... urkkk oh ya before that, my hand jammed in the door of busway, but only my finger, so i can take it off.
It's very hard if going to new office if rainy day, i have to bring 2 sandals and also umbrella,my bag become full.
When i want to take a thing from my bag, you can think what shall you do
That's okay, i can enjoy it, maybe one day is more difficult than today, or easier than today,who cares.. just through the day with big smile, your problems and your hard/difficult day become so great!And also become your new experience. Enjoy your day, don't forget give big smile to your friends :D
It really help you walk in your time...

Smile, smile, smile and BIG SMILE :D

Give me your BIG SMILE hihihihiShow me your teeth!

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Prohibited using Handphone ?

Technology growth day by day, it's become so smart and it can help our task.It also can make our task finished so fast, it really help us since we use it for good reason.For example, Handphone/Cellphone, all of people already knew about this and almost all people in the world already have it. Now, it price cheaper (for generate handphone) than before, depends on the spesification that they need it.Now you can buy about US$ 30,- for a handphone. Hey, did you already know that some countries already make a new regulation thata country prohibit the citizens to use handphone, the security will take your handphone, if they know you use it, or you bring it. If you don't know about this,you will ask, WHY? WHERE?Hmmm good question, i read from news, it happens in the North Korea, they did it because,hanphone is using to remote bomb, it happened on 2004, bombing in the train.But this action still not work, because nowadays handphone is become our primary needed.Hmm what happen if our country did this regulation?I'm not agree for this regulation. But if i saw if handphone become a remote for bomb, hmm it's usual, they can use the other application or things and then they change it or make a remote again.People are smart, they will learn and learn, and always learn to get something that they want, is it true?It depends on the habits of a person.By the way, handphone is really my important thing, without this thing hmmm so weird, like we don't eat. Hahhaha..What do you think, if it really happens in your country?

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

In the New Environment :D

Hi hi hi hi....
I'm back again to make a blog again hiiihihi.. finally i can write this
I got internet connection now, lucky me :D
But i have to do some work and now i'm very very busy, sorry for you friends, that i can't chat with you like usual (like before i move to the other company).
I miss it so much, but for the future, i have to do it.
Now i still training and still make a friend with new friend. i like it, so many people here, so various and hmmm nice person.
For almost 2 weeks, i do some tour of food in the other building, like BNI and Bumi Putera building, they serve so many food and i just choose it, their price from Rp5000,- and above .. so expensive ya.
So tired for the 1st week to work in this company, because i have to wake up early early morning and then go back to my house in the night. I have to change some vehicle to go and go back again.
Now it's usual to do that, i just keep in my mind, it's like to do an exercise (sport) everyday, but breathe bad air (pollution) urkkkkk so yuckkkk.
I have back to work now.
to be continue....


Monday, June 04, 2007

No internet in the office hour

Hikss i already go back to Jakarta, enter to new company.
Yesterday(monday) i have to woke up early morning, 6 AM and then i have to go to new office by bus and busway 6.30.... urkkk i really miss woke up late...
Now i have to join training alone, like private training maybe 3 weeks.
See youuu again... 9 minutes again, internet will blocked...
I hope i can write it soon.. No computer in my house, so i have to write it so fast.