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Monday, August 20, 2007

Rich Woman book

Hey guys, last sunday i went to bookstore then i found a book that make me think, i want to buy or not.. because from the title and also sub titles, make me think again.
Wew... it's about a woman that should not dependent of man.
Hehee i think it's good, hmm so sorry i can't give the simple story. I just start to read it when i bought.
But it's not only for woman but for man also.
(not comfort write a blog in the public pc.... because the keyboard make sound and disturbing the other persons) :(

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Take less time to write blog

it's so strange huh... i'm feel so busy but i don't know what shall i do.So strange..now i just make blog. because i really really don't know what shall i do, even today is deadline of my prototype a projectI know you will think that i'm crazy because of these.Urkkkk now i have to think what shall i do... make documentation again :D*simple blog....nowadays hikss... i don't have time to write a blog,sometime i don't have internet connection sometimes i have... urkkk...