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Sunday, July 06, 2008

I'mback again! after few months

Hi hi hi!!!!
Already 3 months i never update this blog :P How how how come???!!!
The answer is I'm lazy to write new post, actually i have so much time and topics to write it down in this blog. But I'm to lazy to write...
From april until the beginning of July, i got some vacations, i went to 1000s island near Jakarta (update : only 2 days not 3 months), it is a beautifully place to go. I did snorkeling hihihi... different with diving, i use snorkel and mask and also fin. For the 1st time, it is difficult, but after can breathe using mouth and not panic, I could enjoy the great scenery under water.
I saw so many fish, rubbish, plankton in the night, islands, boat, and so many things that i seldom see before.
From my vacation, i got a free life without problems :D i just want to swim, sleep, eat, searching for fish, saw anemone :D