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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Last day in this year

Today is the last day i work in QSmart, but i will start again next year :p
Oh ya i already wrote all items that i will eat in jogjakarta and magelang
These are :
siomay/batagor jakal
pempek palembang on tamsis street
nasi padang
tongseng ayam
dapur desa - nasi merah

sate babi ketandan-bakkut goreng
bebek goreng kranggan
nasi udug bu santi
lele bakar n tempe bakar n pepes ayam/ikan (dr.wahidin street)
ikan bakar depan sawan/ near jail
nasi gandul
nasi goreng kambing/sapi

sate goreng, bistik
wedang kacang
es yahoon
es cemara dua (es jamaica de mocca rum)
es pleret
sate babi mom's made
babi chin
sayur asin bakkut
soto kudus
mang engking
mie goreng pak yanto
mie godog pak mijo
es puter
es murni
JAGUNG BAKAR, pisang bakar..
sate ayam near my house..
resoles,tahu susur, tempe goreng

it's unbelieavable right, hihihihhi i just have time about 10 days :D
but i will get all of these.
Hey friends and fam and also my bf ... accompany me ya


Chrismas songs

Since few weeks ago until today, i already start to listening Christmas song.
I like these song:
1. white christmas
2. sleigh ride
3. all i want chrismas is you
4. rudolph the red nose reideer
5. santa is coming to town
6. winter wonderland
7. silent night
8. first noel
10.last christmas

When i heard the other songs... they are so nice... i want to listening again, but if i listen that so many times, i will feel bore.
I save it to my handphone and when i get a trip to Jogjakarta, i can listen it alone with cold and sleepy and also feel white christmas hihi
I really like trip by train but i dont like in the night, coz i can't see anything can't see nice village or forest :( just lamp from houses.
Later i will have it.
Tomorrow, one of our friend will back to Nederland. We will have a small farewell party for him. He will go on Dec, 23rd ,06.
Nice to meet u, Sam, if u have time and holiday, u can come again and we will have a reunion again :D
Btw, tomorrow some of us will back to our hometown, and some of us still stay in Jakarta, and maybe they have some plan to have nice trip with their family and friends.
Okay keep contact with me and we can meet together after January 3rd,2007

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Train Ticket Sold OuT !!!! Almost holiday !!!!!

It's amazing!!! This is the first time i heard and saw in the public that train ticket to Jogjakarta is sold out!
Lucky me :p i already bought this ticket. I will go to Jogjakarta and Magelang (Holiday from 23 dec until 2 January 2007).
I will celebrate Christmas and New year in my hometown or Jogja :D
That's so amazing!!!!
It is Christmas day not Idul Fitri. Hmmm when i bought that ticket, fiuhhh price of ticket is raise from Rp.190.000,- and now Rp.230.ooo,- (it's weekend, if not Rp.180.000,- become Rp.220.000,-)
And about plane, my friend told me that minimum price more than Rp.500.000,-
1st i want to ride a plane but because the price.. and i am just an employee... so i just choose the cheaper one. Hihihiihi
But actually i dont like to ride a train in the night, because it's too noisy and cold. Air Conditioner blow in the top and always blow my head.
Argggghhhh next time i will use hat to avoid that. Last time i can't sleep in the train. But when i ride it in the morning, no problem.
Oh ya, i remember, there is a stone hit the window near my sit. And that glasses window is broken and make a small hole. After that, the security told to us to close the curtain.
And nothing happen again.
Back to the topic :p btw, i like this news but hmm maybe somebody didnt like it because they are confuse and whit what they can go to their hometown without train .. Hmm maybe bus or own car.
I heard again from my mom, that bus ticket almost full (sold out).. Lucky me again.. I don't want to use plane or train again.
If i use them, i still have to think what time i will arrive and safe for me or not if i use taxi alone, and there are some factor that i have to think again. Because i don't go together with my friend like usual.

Friend, i will not write blog since im in my hometown, i dont have internet connection in my house and im lazy to go to Internet Cafe, i just want to go anywhere to get some fun.
I will be back soon, maybe tomorrow or Friday, im still write.
CU soon

Friday, December 15, 2006

Xmas Gathering in The Church

Last night, i join to x'mas gathering in the christian church. After office hour, directly i went to church with my friends. Hey after arrived, friends in the church tell us to eat together, like standing party.
A lot of food there and like a small party, they call this small party is Love Gathering.
After eat together, we enter to the church. And start with sang chinese gospel songs, kids dance, drama about the good church ( it doesnt look for money to build a big and famous church), Pastor share about God's words, pray and sang again.
I like this drama, there are three young man and girl and they are younger than me, they can speak like a Pastor. They talk about God's words and they give me so many things in this real life.
One of them is, with what they can make church become bigger and famous?
Like in the drama, there are persons that think about the church become bigger and famous from beauty and big church but they don't have good in how they spread the God's words.
Good in this story, they tell the truth not make the audience (God's child) become so confuse. Like last time, about "Da Vinci Code" film or novel, almost all of child very confuse which is the truth, Da Vinci Code story or bible? All people in the world and church so fear when this movie and books are sale and show in so many theater and so amazing right.. it's booming! (I don't want to talk about Da Vinci Code :p)
Continue... Oh ya there is one sentence that i like "If you want to endeavor, you will get what you want" (i think she left one thing that really important "Don't forget to pray".
Ahhh I just remember aporism "Ora et Labora" long time not say or write this. Until now, it still useful in my life.
Oh ya once again, i got this from drama
"I got dream last night, and i saw a building in the cemetery very clean and there is a statue. And when i saw the statue, it's same with me. What's is the meaning of this dream?", the woman said to Pastor.
Pastor said to her "God just gives you a warning, that you just have good appearance in front God but your heart not good or honest or sincere to God . Like a cemetery, which has a good building but inside the building has a rotten body, and smell bad."
On that time that woman always give contribution, attend in church everyweek, and she do something good in that church.
I got all of these from 1st X'mas gathering in Jakarta, maybe it useful for me and maybe for you also. I will have X'mas gathering again maybe in Jogjakarta or in Magelang :P
Hohohohooh Merry X'Mas and Heppi New Year :D
Hoooo ... Hoooo.. Hooo..
Santa is coming to town

Thursday, December 14, 2006

How to build your longest relationship

When you think about the relationship to a woman or man, you will think aboutwhich part that you interest of that person. After that when you ask him or her to be your girlfriend/boyfriend, you will change your view to your couple.
You still like her/his interest, but the other side, you will have feel 'love' and care to him, right?
Time goes minute by minute, day by day, and year by year your love to your couple wil change like up and down. Sometime you feel really love him, sometimes you just feel like usual friend or the worst thing, you feel your couple like a monster.
If your feeling to your couple like a monster, be careful, you have to talk about it with your couple and try to look yourself which your habit or action are doesn't match with ur couple.In this article, i want to talk about what the important thing that you should grow your love everytime.

There are so many way to do that and it's so simple. All of you can do like this :
1. Tell 'I Love U' to your couple minimum once everyday
2. Ask ur couple like this "How much he/she love you?" or "yoUr love today is bigger than
3. Ask about your couple's activity today.
4. Tell about which part of his/her habits you didnt like it from your couple
5. Tell the truth about everything
6. Dont save your problem between you and your couple until you blow up.
Always finish all your problems at that time, but dont forget, you still have to see about the
condition. If your couple had bad mood, you can talk to him tomorrow or you can talk if
there is an exact time to talk about it.
7. Give a gift or surprize
8. Make humor conversation
9. Going somewhere that you can enjoy together
10. Make a review about good or bad habit of your couple
This way you can help to review yourself and you can change it before late
11. Don't play a fire
I mean, to get best relationship with your couple, dont try to get new couple again.
Most of them, doesn't like their couple has the other couple again. It depends on you, if u did
it, your relationship is notsafe again.

That are the way to grow up ur love to ur couple. There are so many things that i didn't write in this article. So try to love and care ur couple as good as u can.

Charlie and the Chocholate Factory

Last night i watched Charlie and the Chocholate Factory alone. And when i watch that.. this film it's so cool. I like the idea to make it and they use technology to make candy and chocholate.
It's amazing.. They can make a gum with so many taste, make a dragon ship, grass, mushroom, trees,fruit and so many things from candy and chocholate.
The story is so simple and i dont like jhonny deep on that film. He looks not cool and like strange people.
Oh ya, i remember.. they make a river from chocholate liquid and looks so same with hard river.. (hard river so strange vocabulary ya :P hmm its like a river and it has water flow so hard. Because there is a waterfall near on it, you know what i mean? like a place that we on rafting area, which very difficult area..)
I think you must see this film, this film is quite old ;P i just borrow from my friend. Hiihihiih
Nice technology and nice family on it..
There was a child that he choose his family than the wealthy.
Btw, when i saw that DVD... urghhh i cant see until finish. Bad copy :(
later i want to see full movie .. i dont know the ending of this film, i just guess it.


Monday, December 11, 2006

internet so slow

ahhhh i hate today... why internet so slow hikssss
before today, internet not so slow, still slow but still can open website not too long.
today when i want to open newspaper, ouchhhh maybe it tooks 10 minutes to open 1 page.
ihhhhhhh i hate i hate really hate this!!!!!!!!!!!
Can anyone repair this internet connection in my office :p hehehe
hope my bos repair it and make it better.
thank u :D

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nokia 6639 so Cool Man!

This morning i got an email and it's very awesome!!!!
Handphone with Camera. But it's not usual camera, but u can change lens like SLR camera.Wow.. i dont know the price of it.
Wow... Wowww... Woww...
I just know from email and when i search in the Nokia website (indonesian website) this product still not publish. Just wait it and i will know spesification this handphone.
Nokia 6639... ohhhhhh
Look this picture

This handphone looks like Pocket camera, isn't it?
U can use additional lens and blitz like SLR camera ..
Ahhhh SLR hikssss... i really really want it..
Oh ya this handphone shape same with Nokia 6630. AHhhhhh i want to buy this .. and i have to know the price first and the spesification!!!
Is it 3G or not?
Hope that this handpphone not too expensive.

i got from the other news
"This fake hit the scene about a month ago but I feel our viewers need more insight if it were real. Lets suppose it’s real and proceed. If I can get my hands on one, it will be my next phone; the Nokia 6639. I love Nokia and I can’t say enough about their phones. The phone is not viewable on Nokia’s website so the information is limited but there’s one thing I’m not concerned about when it comes to Nokia; features. The Nokia 6639 is a Swiss army knife, a Zippo lighter, a double mega pixel digital SLR camera and it has Photoshop. When I learned of this I almost did a backflip. The phone has a 1024 X 768 pixel screen and it also features a Pentium M-Dothan binuclear 2.0GHMz with dual channel 512MDDR2 memory with expandable features. Need I say more? The phone will support every video and audio format available to mankind and will display 16 million colors on the TFT screen. Obviously, this phone is made for the paparazzi because you can attach a huge SLR lens to the back-end and use the built-in email client to mail it to sources; thus a profit and you can buy another one.
The camera’s exposure can be set to a variety of modes and you can change the aperture priority, shutter priority, and more. It also features a Swiss yataghan Plug procedures remote control (with the public wireless transmission protocol), thermometer, needle guide, LED beam, and additional features for those who enjoy the outdoors. The phone will also feature wifi for connectivity to access points. This feature is a huge priority to people willing to spend hundreds of dollars. For such a phone I’m sure it will be powered by the dominant Symbian Operating System and the navigation will be the same. Who wouldn’t buy this stellar piece of God-send technology if they had the money?
Note : This is a wishlist (vapoware - not real product)

Price: Official Not Set (Guess $1000+)
So cool right!!!.....

Friday, December 08, 2006

new rule for motorcycle riders in jakarta

This monday (Dec 4th, 2006), there is new rule for motorcycle riders in Jakarta.
They have to turn on the light in the morning until night if they walk in the road. And they have to walk in the left side.
It's new rule and crazy rule :P
Why they have to turn on the light in the morning until evening ? What for?
If they have to turn on the light in the night or when in the heavy rain, it's normal.
Btw, in the night, sometime the riders didn't turn on the light, and it causes an accident. And why the police didnt care about it?
Hmm so strange !
Or ... it just my opinion.. this new rules, it can raise selling product for lamp :p
Normally, the motorcycle riders ride his motorcycle in the left side, but... almost of bus and the other car (angkot) they always take this way, so the motorcycle avoid to take the left side.
Why? It because that car or bus always suddenly from the center of way, directly go to the left side to take the passenger or to drop the passenger.
It's very danger if the motorcyle or car walk in the left side (sometimes).. and it maybe will causes an accident.
So strange rule......

Donald Duck cartoon can make me sleep

One of my favourite cartoon film is Donald duck.
He is so cute and funny when he angry. Until now, i just smile and want to laugh if i think about him.
Last time i can't sleep in the night. Maybe 3 hours it try to sleep but i can not sleep. It's very very make me so confuse why i can't sleep. So i just saw korean drama movie, but still can't sleep.
I try to count sheep ( like in cartoon film, with count sheep, we can sleep). It can not...
I try to count one, two, three.... ahhhh until i don't know.. i can't sleep.
Call my bf.. maybe he can help me.. ahhhh still can not..
I drank a glass of chocholate milk. Still can't !!!!!!
Meditation and not thinking everything.. still can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And last way, i try to saw Donald Duck DVD that i had. And only 10 minutes maybe, i can sleep. Btw, i forget to turn of my laptop :p So that movie play until morning (until i wake up again).
Last time i saw Donald duck with ants.. it's so funny!!!!
Donald give a sugar to ant, hey the ant talk to the other ants, that there are so many sugar in Donald house.
And when Donald make a cake, he think he is good but suddenly he think that the ant will tell with the other ants. The other ants will come to his house.. I like this movie. I dont want to tell the story, because, i dont know the other part.
later i will find the other DVD again.
Hmm this kind of film so funny without criminal. I dont like that kind of moviemi with criminal.
It just make me feel not relax.
When people make this kind of cartoon film again?
i really miss it.. want to collect all of Donald duck or mickey mouse or the other :D

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Grandma Kos passed away

Yesterday at 1.30 pm , grandma in my kos (kos = house that i rent one room to live in) passed away. And i just know that news after i go back to my kos maybe at 5.30pm.
Now in my kos so silent. And i can't play with her again.. and can't talk again to her.
A lot of memory from her, she always hit me, talks...
I just remember and meet her when she sicks and she went to hospital.
She looks very hard to breathe and tired.. can't sit well.. like lost her energy
But she passed away with smile face :D
Good bye GrandMa :D
Nice to meet u in this world
And happy to have memory with u

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Season 2006

In this beginning of december, rainy season, winter, snowy(in some place), holiday, gathering with family, and Christmas day!!!!! Sinterklaus/Santa will come. Ho hohoho... hohohoo..
Yesterday i went to mal Citraland and Taman Anggrek Mal with my boyfriend, there is X'mas tree. In the Citraland mal, they just make a simple x'mas tree but it just wire and lamp from cable. i don't like it.. coz i just see that in the morning-afternoon, i seldom to go there in the night. Last night i went to Taman Anggrek Mal, and they make X'mas tree from Looney Toon's doll. There are Taz, bugs bunny, tweety, and the cat (sylvester?? i forget his name)
It need so many doll to make this xmas tree, maybe more than 200 dolls. maybe it has high 6m and width 3m. It's awesome.. but i dont like it.. coz it not really beautiful. i just like simple like green tree and many lamp,and bell and star at the top of tree.
Im not interested to take picture.. i just want to get Taz doll hehehe cute.
Can i take one? huehuee almost in the all department store, they play Xmas songs.. hmm i like it. And there are so many shop sell things for Xmas. Like application for tree, bell, lamp and the others.
Jingle bell jingle bell .. jingle all the way..
nnananana nanana nannaa
come on sing with me..