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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Saw 3

Psycho film again is back!!!!
Last night i watch Saw 3 on DVD that i bougth. 5 minutes first soooo crazy person! He want to cut his foot (ankle) with saw but... he cancel it and later he broke his leg arkkkk so cruel, i really didn't want to watch that film. But i feel so embitered, finally i watch it until finish. Since i saw that film, i always look another view, i can't see that part. How can they make this film like this!
It's look like a real psycho man and always related to torturing, blood everywhere.
Before that movie i saw part 1 and 2, same with saw 3, i didn't want to continue but because of feel embireted than i continue it until finish.
Hahahaha so if you didn't want to see that.. don't see just a little, maybe you will continue it until finish.
Later i will see horror film. I really miss it, i want to see with my friends, i don't want to watch it alone.. so afraid. Because i ever saw one horor film and then i can't sleep 3 days. I saw the Ring version Japan, not the western.

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