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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Playing Paintball

Last time I played paint ball with my office colleagues (more than 30 peoples). This is the first time I play. Before I play, I should use all the equipment like clothes (army clothes), mask, vest, and gun. I play twice at that time, it make my adrenaline become high!
Fear to be shot, always run, always wanna find a place to hide, try to shoot enemies, try to get a enemy's flag. For the first battle, i got shot by the enemy, ouchhhh it's hurt, i got shot 3 times.
Near ear, on my face, and my leg. I lost my concentration when i got shot on my ear, I don't know what shall I do.
I just remember that I should in squatting position, if not, I will be shot again. At that time, someone shoot my leg :(
I don't have that picture now, hm I remember that my friend already upload the video to youtube. Maybe you can try using keyword "PaintBall". I don't remember the link.
I like paintball!!!!
I wish that I can play again with good gun not bad gun.. I play paintball in the Hotel at Depok, I don't remember the name of that hotel because I play on last 28th , July , 2008.
Hihihihi :D
Let's play paintball !!!

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Anonymous firman ramdhani said...

do u like playing paintball?? cool...

Saturday, December 27, 2008 6:48:00 AM

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