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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Movie

Movies i know all of the people like to see movie, whatever type of movie like cartoon, drama, comedy, war, horror, documentation, and the other type. I like watching movies depends on my mood, sometime i want to see action, sometime i like to see cartoon (donald duck), no matter what i saw, i just feel relax and not thinks about the office things :D hhahaha
Few days ago, i really miss to see Home Alone 1 and 2, i like to see them when in the Christmas day. Those film always accompany me through the Christmas time with my family, Full of Joy and Happiness and Funny also.
What do you like to see in the Christmas time?
Yesterday i saw ....Christmas Carol if i not false, it is a cartoon film. I don't know why, nowadays some private television just show serial TV in the night and they give Christmas film in the morning or afternoon, in the office hour.
I can't see their show.. hiksss i feel so disappointed and sad... or they serve it in the middle of night.
Harry potter.. Lord of the Ring... hey where is The Grinch or Santa Claus film that i ever saw few years ago? I want to see Rudolph the red Nose, and the other deer. Hehehehe
I miss these kind of FIlm, not only new film.
How about you?

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Merry Xmas 2007

Merry Xmas to All of you
WIshing all the BEST for you in every way you take
I celebrate christmast day in Magelang with my family and my cousin, they stay in my house and then we talk together until morning. I didn't go to the church because i late, before that i went to JOgjakarta in Malioboro street. And i arrived at Magelang in the night . That's not problem as long as i still celebrate the Christmas time with my beloved Family, i'm so happy with that. Also i met my friend's child which born few days ago before that time
I'm so Happy , I hope you also Happy
Hohohohoooooo Santa Klaus Is Coming to Town

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Going to Puncak and Bogor

Saturday early morning i went to Puncak with my friends, we saw so many Banana, Honey Cassava, Bengkoang in the road. We also passed the Taman Safari zoo :D just saw some animal's statue hihi
I went there is from 6-8.30 AM, very cool and windy hmm i really like it. You can see what i took picture in above, it is the part of Tea Garden in Puncak. Hmm I really like it but one thing should know for the government there, should take attention about the garbage! Rubish every where, you know that some touris went there and they looks so dissapointed when see the garbage every where.
I'm so sad about that.
Oh ya i can hiking in that Tea Garden (small hills) fiuhhh it makes 'heart attack' not the real meaning hihi (my heart bump faster like when you run faster then you can feel it).
That's good place to breathe without pollution and can see so many things there, if you see handsome man or beauty girls, maybe your heart will bump like that hahhahhaa
You can ride a horse maybe more than 1, if you can ride it. I don't know how much is ist.
Then we went to bougth tea in small shop and we continue to Kebun Raya Bogor, we make so many picture there also we can saw so many kind of tree. It is really big Garden!
So tired when we walk arround that and finally we use car..
If you like photography, those place are great! Just went there :D

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