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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rio Haryanto

I bet some of you do not know who are he... Let me explain about him shortly :)
He is a talented boy, 14 years old, he joined to Formula One (F1) !!
But before that he joined to the Kart championship :) since 2001.
By the way, for his history you could see from his website www.rioharyanto.com
I like him so much because he is cute, smart, and cool!!! Looks like strong man!
I can not believe it that he is still young, still 14 years old, i guess he is more than 20 years...
huhuhuh poor me!
But that's okay, he is great person for this country, he has great talent in Formula ONe!
Go Go GO!!!!!
Hope that he could race with Schumacher, Alonzo :p hihihihi and I hope that I could meet him, because his home town is very near with me. Hohohoho

My question, why nowadays there are so many smart persons when they was young and dumb person when they grew up??!!!!!

Come on guys, do not ruin yourself to the bad things! Do the good things for yourself and for the others :)
GO GO GO GO!!!!!

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Back to Real Life

Hohohoho day by day, month by month, time goes by so fast.....
Because i seldom to write a blog again, hmm it is very hard to find out a topic for this blog.
I just write about my experience and my journey since i was written few months ago...
Nowadays i like to cook for myself.
I made some food (Chinese, Indonesian, western) and snacks!
I feel so boring when i live in Jakarta, why? because there is no place that i like to go. It always building and building and building (mall, museum).

Oh yeah! I remember that 2 weeks ago I went to Carita with my friends. Carita-Anyer is a beach place, I don't like both of them. Hukzz I miss to go to 1000 islands, they have blue water, fishes, white sands, not too crowded.
I feel like in Paradise.. hahaha but when I went to Carita, they have great Swimming pool :P
It's so strange huh! I went to the beach but i prefer to spent my time in swimming pool.
I like blue water.. and cold water... and saw volley match :)

I stayed in Carita for one night, we rent a small room with 3 bed rooms, 2 bath rooms, in Carita Bay Selatan. If not forgot, it's rate is Rp.1,2 millions per night.
I like their otak-otak, its made from flour and fish, then they wrapped it using banana leaf and grill it until well done.
And then they prepare with the chilli peanut sauce! Yummy!!
Don't forget to eat seafood also :) but for me, it is not recommended, because I prefer to cook by myself and it is more clean.

In Carita, I did snorkling! But it is not recommended!!!!
I don't like it because there is water pollution there... hukzz there are garbage and oil from boat. Huh I hate it, why people not know that the garbage and oil could destruct the beach and sea!!!

Enough for article today.. fiuh ... finally i make one article since the last time i wrote :P hihihihi

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