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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


this song is very popular and many request in the 2nd floor of Qnap Asia :D ckckckckk...
this song is a soundtrack "Mendadak Dangdut"
if u have this music, hmm u can sing. i will give the lyric on this post

here we go!!!!

neng ikut abang dangdutan yukss…
najis lu…

waktu tamasya ke binaria
pulang pulang ku berbadan dua
meski tanpa restu orang tua sayang
aku rela abang bawa pulang

ngga kerasa uda setahun
si abang mulai berlagak pikun
uda ngga pernah pulang ke rumah sayang
kepincut janda di pulo gebang

lay…. lay….
lay…. lay….
lay…. lay….
panggil aku si jablay
abang jarang pulang aku jarang di belai

anak kita sekarang uda besar
mulai bingung bapaknya nyasar
kenapa bapak ngga pulang-pulang emak
kata tetangge emangnya enak

Monday, September 25, 2006

Dream can make u cry

This morning maybe at 5 or less than 5 i dream about fish.
i just remember suddenly i sit inside the tent and there is almost half of tent is full of water . And i remember Me and maybe 4 fish still in the tent, and i feel can't go out from tent. and that fish tell me with bite me to go out from tent. directly i go out from tent and i bring all of fish (that fish still bite me) and i can go out from there.
i dont know why all the fish can throwed out to the ground.. (i dont remember)
and after that i want to save them and suddenljy i cant find them, i just find coins and i go to other place...
and my friend told me that fish in the same place that i find the coins.. and almost die.
And i hold the big fish, and touch it like a dog..
i saw his eyes looks like he want to talking to me.
and after that in the real world (i wake up) and i found i cry...
ehmmmm strange dream :p
i dont know the meaning of this dream

Kemanggisan area

Saturday i went tokemanggisan. Binus is here..
when i sleep in my sister's kos, and play there... i feel so comfort.
i can walk until late nigth.. it's very seldom to find like this place..
and u can find many small shop, small restaurant, bookstore,almost all u can find it..
it's like small china town, but almost the the people there was a students of Binus (it's a university)
Food is normal cheap the bookstore give u discount 20%. Hmmmm that's sounds nice, right...
later, i will go there again to find the other things.

So sad after watch dvd FF 12

saturday, i bought FF XII ... im so soooooo sad... and dissapointed :( huwaaaaa....
why???? when i saw that film and i still call my bf, maybe just 15 minutes.. suddenly that film is over....
The duration that film only 15 minutes. It just a trailer. But i like that songs :D i dont know that songs :D but i think i will record it to make a ringtone in my handphone huahahaha
ow ya, i bought the other japan anime film.. i really dissapointed again... why?????? because, it just reviewing all the track that i already had almost all the cd... (i mean it just review all the story)
owww so angry, so dissapointed, so sad, can't say anything again.
when i saw the other film, i cant concentrate to saw that..
but that's okay... they will ad my list dvd's collection wakkaka

Monday, September 18, 2006

Golden Retriever good for fortune :p

this morning i read indonesian newspaper, and i read that dog "golden retriever" good for Hong shui.. i mean that's good for fortune..
maybe because their hair like a gold and straight. maybe it will cause ur money come to u directly and flow like a river (it just my opinion)
btw, i like this dog, coz this dog smart and kind :D he know his master and become a friend.
i will look for the reason like the title...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

tired and insomnia again ;p

it's about 2 weeks since my vacation :p hehe and back to work..
since that my eyes always tired maybe it coz by working in front of monitor 8 hours per day
so tired and my head always stretch (tegang.. in indonesian).. kekeke
hmmm maybe i need vacation again huahahhhaa
ow ya, now almost in the night i can't sleep .. hiksss *insomnia again*
any suggestion??? i need help

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Reunion friends '01 yesterday :p

Yesterday (Sunday, September 3th 2006) we have reunion with friend 2001 Informatic Technique of UKDW (Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana)

Here we are (14 peoples):
- Me (Yuni/Cien) - Grace -Dewi (Fang2) - Fanny (BOS) - Widya - Stella - Yanti - PP (Inge, Vero, Anita)- Fitri - Willy - Markus - Faisal

We had lunch together in the Hartz Chicken... (i dont see all of them made by chicken :p ) it's different with Hartz chicken in Jogjakarta.. coz i think in Jogjakarta so many variety food than in jakarta (i mean food in the hartz chicken)
After lunch we walk n talk together .. so fun. I hope there is a reunion again not only for 2001 but all friends in jakarta. hmmm but i think it's so difficult to make a big reunion. hmm u know why? The problem is how to find a restaurant that can hold all of us.
Wait friends, we will have the other reunion again in the other place.. Okay!!!!
Not like in the 1st and 2nd reunion in the same place. (Taman Anggrek Mal)
Cu Soon!