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Monday, January 29, 2007

Yesterday i went to Padalarang

Yesterday i went to Padalarang-Bandung to meet my client and went to restaurant.
On the way to go to Padalarang, we meet some problems like late to go there and we have to pick the other person because of traffic jam.
And we meet some accident like slipped car, car falling down, crashed, arghkk so crazy.
After arrived in the our mess (rent house) we ate Chicken pouridge and it not really expensive.
After that we visit our mess, is not small but enough to stay maybe just 4 peoples. It just has 2 rooms.
And then we continue to go to the client and then we went to eat in the BALE PARE, this place like an outdoor cafetaria, there was a stage too.
And they serve some food from western and also indonesian food, also chinnesse food.
The price of food not really expensive, oh ya i ate Beef steak and drink Strawberry juice.
Strawberry juice... hihihihi i think they just use 3 pieces of strawberry maybe... u know what i mean? Hmmm i really dont like that juice but that's okay...
And that steak.. it taste sweet.. so strange huh...
But i really like that place, we can make small gathering there, and we can spend some time there. I like it!
And then we go back to our client again and took some tour there.
Sorry i can't tell u about the story there.
After that we go back to Jakarta again at 3.30 PM and i just think i didn't use car but like ride a horse :D
always jump and jump and jump..
i can't sleep there so tired...
and finally i arrived at jkt on 5.30 PM but very very crowded, i arrived to my place at 7PM Arghhhhh so tired.
And Have a dinner.....
just that.. now my body really need some time to rest again :( i need holiday
But that's okay i like to travelling hihihihh

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Online Library

Nowadays a lot of university that they know what advantages to use online library. I like to hear that, but ehmm i don't think so that some student can download it or see some thesis in that university. Coz i had a problem with my xUniversity before, that i can borrow thesis (for few days) but i still can read or write it in the library. Just write it! But if u have laptop that's not a big problems. But at that time i don't have laptop. And finally i use computer in the library (computer for searching book in the library). And one security of the library angry to me that i have not to use that computer. Why? because, somebody will use that computer to search some books. But at that time i don't see that people will use that computer. Hmmm so strange. Why my xUniversity didn't prepare some computer or photocopy machine to students?
I think it waste student's time to write it down and maybe it useless to write something and took so many time.Arggkkk
Maybe that's better if send all of the thesis in the online library and students can download it (free). Hehehe but i still don't know. Depends on the library or each university, i don't want to give comments why they do like that.
Hehehe maybe they want to make a copyright to student's thesis or maybe the other reason.
I like information about library online in the university, maybe we can use it and enter to the library without knowing the time when library open or not.
I already try it (online library) in the university in australia (Curtin university).
So many thesis and paper and books, i can get information there. But now, i can't enter to that library again, coz my friend already graduated.
Try it!

"Enam Perguruan Tinggi di DIY Bangun Perpustakaan Digital Laporan Wartawan Kompas Erwin Edhi Prasetyo
YOGYAKARTA, KOMPAS- Enam perguruan tinggi di Provinsi DI Yogyakarta membangun kerja sama mengembangkan sistem interkoneksi perpustakaan digital online. Dari kerja sama ini, antarperguruan tinggi bisa saling mengkases data dan koleksi perpustakaan, cetak maupun digital secara online melalui jaringan intranet.
Kelima perguruan tinggi itu, yakni Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Universitas Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, dan Institut Sains dan Teknologi "Akprind". Kesepakatan ini dituangkan dalam naskah perjanjian kerjasama tentang Pembentukan dan Pengembangan Inherent Jogja Library di Provinsi DIY, yang ditandatangani masing-masing kepala perpustakaan enam perguruan tinggi (PT), Kamis (25/1).
"Melalui kerja sama ini kita ingin membangun interkoneksi digital library yang arahnya nanti bisa terjadi interlibrary loan atau peminjaman antarperpustakaan. Konsep seperti ini sudah menjadi model di universitas di luar negeri," ungkap Muhammad Nur Rizal, Direktur Inherent UGM.
Diungkapkan Rizal, kerja sama ini dikembangkan dengan memanfaatkan jaringan informasi pendidikan tinggi yang dikenal dengan Inherent (Indonesian Higher Education Network). Inherent merupakan program pengembangan sistem dan jaringan informasi pendidikan tinggi berbasis teknologi informasi dan komunikasi yang dikembangkan Depdiknas.
Rizal mengungkapkan, tahap awal kerja sama ini adalah dengan mengembangkan portal digital library yang akan menjadi bank data informasi perpustakaan. Data dari setiap perpustakaan di enam PT akan disatukan. Disamping, juga aplikasi data converter yang harus diinstal di setiap perpustakaan online di enam PT, serta akan mengembangkan web servis untuk peminjaman antarperpustakaan. "Yang sekarang sedang jalan adalah data converter sehingga saat ini bisa mengakses data informasi buku, hasil penelitian, jurnal lmiah melalui satu portal. Target kita adalah terwujudnya peminjaman koleksi antarperpustakaan enam PT, sedangkan target awal kita adalah sharing data online," katanya
Pada kesempatan itu, Kepala Perpustakaan UGM Ida Fajar Priyanto, mengungkapkan dari kerja sama itu akan membuka sekat-sekat antarPT khususnya soal akses perpustakaan. Selama ini akses peminjaman koleksi antarperpustakaan terkendala rasa kepemilikan yang terlalu kuat di masing-masing perpustakaan. Kini setiap sivitas akademika di sebuah PT bisa mengkases koleksi perpustkaan di PT lain secara terbuka. "Sekarang adalah era akses bukan era kepemilikan. Dengan kerja sama seperti ini akses koleksi perpustakaan, baik cetak maupun digital akan lebih luas. Hal ini sangat menguntungkan karena anggaran setiap perpustakaan sangat terbatas untuk mengembangkan koleksinya sendiri. Ini akan mendukung pengembangan kualitas pendidikan tinggi di DIY," tuturnya."

Use Handphone with Left Ear

I got an email that explain why we have to use cellphone / handphone with left ear.

Maybe the better way is using handfree or bluetooth or just loudspeaker your handphone., it just my suggestion to you
If you use handphone long time, it will gives an affect on LCD also (screen in the handphone).
The affect is there is blank strip in your LCD . And you must change it if there are so many blank strip, because you can't see something from LCD, just blank.
Becareful ya :D


Back to My environment n My Habit

Lucky Me yeahhhh!!!
Today i'm very happy coz i can see handsome man in front of my chair (Rain/Bi) before that i just see my friends. hihiihii
Now i can concentrate to my work and can be creatif :p
Btw, i just liketoday than before. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh
I just need comfortable situation than others, i can give me some spirit to woork.
Oh ya, few of employee got training in the Mangga 2 square (our 2nd office). I'm not join to that training.. hiksss.. but that's okay. No problem. Just work and work and work. Finishing my job :D


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fren Mobile-8 has raised for the rate (calling same provider)

I think almost all of you that ever live in Indonesia and have cellphone, u will know about this one Fren for CDMA handphone.
Now rate for calling same Fren is raised! for 2 minutes is Rp1100,- before that Rp550,-
after 2 minutes, for each minutes is Rp14,-
Urhhhhkkk i dont know about that before my mom told to me like that, and before i check in the fren mobile-8 website.
After that i got all the data about price for calling to same provider or other provider.
Because that, now i inderstand that why my credit(pulsa) so quick to buy credit again.
For Fren Mobile-8, please give the customer infromation about that. Maybe the other from me still don't know about that and they just assume that Fren has play with the rate.

Swim in the heavy Rain

Few days ago i got a plan to swim together with my friends in my friend place. Yesterday we just commit our plan to swim. And finally we went to swimming pool and look the rain is very heavy. I just think, i want to swim or not.. if swim, i just alone, heyyy finally my friend come and we just confuse.. swim or not in the middle of rain. Hemmm cool, heavy rain, cool water, windy.
Ahhhrkk but in the swimming pool so quite people there. And only 3 girls include us.
After in the water, brrrr it's so cold!!!!!!!!!
And we directly shake our mouth huahauhua and finally we got the new way, that is SWIM!!!
I really like to swim when it falling rain. Before that, i just say to my bf, 'why do u like to swim in when falling rain?
I don't like it when u did like that, coz u can get sick. Or maybe thunder will attack u.'
But after that i did it, and i like it, i want it again...
and my bf just laughing when i said like that and keep teasing me :p
But.. wait... in the night i always sneezing and feel cold. I just directly eat medicine and hot chicken red bean soup.
Hahahaha next week i will do it again.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Start with new enviroment in the office

Today i have to move from the place that i really can't leave it. I like the place that before i move here.
I can enjoy it there with fantastic friends..
Hikssss it's hard to move there, coz i have to fight hhihi with the other challenger hihii.. but now i have to move the other place. So silent.. and not really comfort.
If i want to go out ( like to go toilet or take a drink or something) i have to walk in the small way and i think only thin person. if not, hmmm your body will hit by table and tomorrow will have blue skin.
Today i'll try to enjoy to this room by listening music or go to the other room. But at least i still like this room coz it has cool AC (air conditioner) then before.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vitamin C and Shrimp has bad effect

I got experience with this one, when i eat seafood include shrimp and i drink orange juice. Hmmm it just give me stomacache. But my mom vomit because of that. But we don't know why after that we got sick.
We just assume that maybe because our condition is not good and too windy in that place.
Suddenly i got an email and read in the magazine that vit C in big amount and eat shrimp, it give an effect to our healthy.
Maybe it just my opinion, how about the other from shrimp like crab or something else, maybe it not fit with vit C.
So, now when i eat seafood i never ask orange juice. Hiihih just plain tea. That's better, it can reduce oil in your body, like chinnese tea.
That shrimp have an arcenite.. ( i forgot the name of that one) it will have an effect with vit c.
Just remember it, don't drink orange juice when u eat shrimp.

Choi and Grace with get marry !!!!

Im really happy to hear my friend in Korea finally get marry( march,10,2007)
Congratulation Choi and Grace (Anugerah Rahmat Cahya Selamat Sentausa) hihhihi
They are so funny couple especially for Choi. I knew him because he ever stay in Indonesia (jogjakarta) for about 4 months as an exchange student. He stay in Jogja with 2 others friends from korea also.
I like this year but i dont know after this news i will get bad news or good news, but i hope get so many good news than bad new. I know u have same things like me.
This year also, my sister will get marry (just a plan). And my friends also will get marry on april.
I heard and read a newspaper and magazine that this year is good year to get marry. If you want to get marry now, it's great hahaha. For me, ehmm not so soon coz i have so many reason before getting marry.
I know to marry a guy and will live with someone i love (a man), i have to prepare all until i feel ready. I will live with him until i become a soil (u know what i mean).
Okay guys, just prepare it if u really ready to get marry, do it.
Choi obba and Grace onni, Congratulation to you, Always be happy together and keep in touch :D
Gyol on Cukkaheyooooo

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Really really nice company :p

I got good news again, really really good news!!!
I heard this news when i cameback to my chair and my computer.
"we will work 40 hours again in a week"
What happen with this company????? They always change the house rules !
If they change again the rules.. hmm just we see it again. It probably just a gossip and why the higher level in this company seldom to talk with the bottom level?
Maybe that's sound nice too if they always make changes house rule, and then we can obey or disobey these rules and we can say to them "we don't have real and still changeable rules"
This is my 1st experience to got this situation exc rules in this country :D

Too many accident in Indonesia

Again train out from the rail in Purwokerto, before that it happen in the Jogjakarta (Kotabaru).
Why so many accident like this, or disaster like flood, land slide, or earthquake in some place, or falling plane ,slip plane, or the tire of plane need air, drowning ship, and the other accident.
I hate it that news like that!
I heard that now in Jakarta really hot and seldom falling rain (btw usually in jakarta is rainy season), maybe last january will rain and will get flood!
What happpen with this season and this world.
It become so crazy and crazy and crazy.. i really miss many years ago, the season come like the schedule.
Like from august until march or april is rainy season and may until august is summer.
It because of the act people in this country, if yes, hmm we should see ourself again and try to make better and repair our habit. I know it's very difficult but impossible is nothing!
If u want to repair it, u have to push urself.
Come on guys...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Travelling in Setia budi st. on foot

Last week, Saturday, i with friends went to Setia budi st. wew it's like a new experience for me that i can walk and spent maybe 4 hours in that street. The sunshine is very strong and windy. There are so many dust and some of them enter my eyes.
When we ride a busway, we just expect where we have to stop :p coz until now, i just ride it twice since i live in jakarta :p
When i ride it, i feel better with ride busway than the other bus. Coz i feel so comfort but, there are few chair, so u have to be clever to find that chair, if not, u will have to stand.
In Setia budi area, i have to walk and walk street by street with my friend, and then we finally find my friend's house (maybe almost half hour after we use busway) and we just walk in that area and then we meet good area and bad area. All of us are womens, and in the bad area we just move to the other area, coz we feel so afraid if something happened to us. We dont want to take that risk, and some of us like a kid hehe..
Btw, i really like that traveling, coz now i can knew part of jakarta without own vehicle. Hmm later i will go to the other part of Jakarta and make a list and also diary and not forget to write it down in my blog...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fun with their video sex

When i read news from online newspaper, i saw that now peoples like to make their own video or picture or maybe sound file about sex.
That people comes from students, parents, or the other level. They usually make it with their own handphone or maybe handycam or digital camera.
And few of them put that file into internet, and they feel proud of their action. What happen with these kind of people??
There are story and facts that there are people has their own video had stolen by the other person and they spread it via internet or maybe burn it into dvd and cd. Finally that actors feel so shy. And they had to fight with the other problems that comes out from they did. And some of them, they had to pay to the other person that knew that video or photo, and very big amount of money they have to pay!! If you has big money that's not a big problem, if not.... You can ruin what your future plan.
When i think about it, it is like a new mode ?? Hahaha :D
What happen if your child, or one of your family did it :p or maybe you did it, and somebody know you and they did something bad to you or your family.
Guys, just be careful :D there are so many software that it can detect and see to your memory card that you ever saved it and delete it (but if you just delete it, it still had a back up and that software still can see that file).
Smart technology ...
Once again, be careful guys :D
Oh ya, dont put your file in your handphone, if it stolen... hmmmm you will know what will happen to you. i can say like this because so many people lost their handphone and it save their own video sex. And the robber put it into internet.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good News, they found part of hidden Adam Air plane

I feel very happy that the can found part of hidden plane since January, 1st, 2007 in the really morning.
I just shock after celebrate new year and hear this news. And until now before they found it, all the family and this country always try to find them and fortuner-teller always try to say about their opinion...
I hope that they can find all part of this plane, and also the passenger, pilot,stewardesses.
This is news about they found part of Adam Air plane in Indonesian. I just heard that one of fortuner-teller, she said maybe that plane explode in the air before fall down.

"MAKASSAR, KOMPAS- Misteri hilangnya pesawat AdamAir sudah menemukan titik terang. Nelayan asal Parepare, Bakri dilaporkan telah menemukan ekor horisontal bagian kanan milik pesawat AdamAir yang hilang sejak 1 Januari lalu, Rabu (10/1) sore. Ekor pesawat AdamAir itu ditemukan sekitar 8 kilometer selatan Parepare, 300 meter dari pantai.
Hal ini diungkapkan SAR Mission Coordinator, Marsekal Pertama TNI Eddy Suyanto kepada wartawan Kamis (11/1) pagi di Posko Pencarian AdamAir di Pangkalan Udara Hasanuddin, Makassar. Saat memberikan keterangan Eddy didampingi Ketua Badan SAR Nasional, Bambang Karnoyudho.
Menurut Eddy, penemuan ekor horisontal bagian kanan itu dilaporkan ke Kepolisian Wilayah Parepare dan pukul 03.00 sudah diserahkan ke posko di Lanud Hasanuddin. "Untuk mengecek kebenarannya sudah dicocokkan dengan katalog (AdamAir) yang sudah diberikan kepada kita. Dan ini cocok dengan milik AdamAir," kata Eddy.
Flight number ekor pesawat itu, 65C25746-76, dikatakan Eddy sama dengan flight number ekor AdamAir. "Namanya tail horizontal stabilizer sebelah kanan, panjangnya kurang lebih satu meter," kata Eddy. Kendati belum dapat memastikan AdamAir jatuh di air, pascapenemuan ekor AdamAir tersebut, Eddy mengatakan pencarian akan difokuskan di laut"

Christmas tree so unique in one church

January,7th,2007, i went to chatolic church in Bintaro, if not false, that name of church is St.Stevanus church.
It has unique altar, Pastor speech in the center of us, so it shape looks like a square.
I only saw this church ones, and there are so many peoples.
Until that time i went to that church, they still show Christmas tree, but that is not from green tree with other application like lamps, ball, ribbon and star. It's very different, they make cubes and arrange it become a tree.
Each side of cubes put photo, from baby until child. and the top of cubes tree, there is a star, but star not shine, just white.
It's awesome that they have an idea to make it.
Oh ya, when christmas come, in usual church, they always make a cave and Jesus, Maria, and 3 kings sculpture put in. But in this church, they just make a plain black man sculpture, they looks a king, care person, uncare person, baby.
WOW.... this word out from my mouth many times. And my aunty said to me, last year they make christmas tree from baskets and this church always creative.
I want to see it again, next year.
Maybe i should go there again hehehe if possible. I like the Pastor's speech also.
He talk about, we can become a light everywhere just give simple action, for an example:
we pray before and after eat. People arround us, will think again why we pray.
And we can answer to them, 'We thank to God to this food".
It's simple right :D

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nice weekend with other family

Last friday im so shock that the other family SMS me that my uncle and my aunty ask me to sleep in their house on weekend (Saturday).
I seldom to talk with them, but last christmas gathering we start to talk again with their daughter. And we had nice conversation and the other family like my grandmother looks so happy that we could talk like that.
And finally i went to their house and it's so awesome that i feel know them like so many years, i feel comfort to stay.
Their house quite far with my house. All the time we talk, watch movie, swim together.
I got so many things from them, their life is so different with me. And i can learn it from them.
This weekend makes me happy and make me feel, it different and amazing weekend than usual :D
Btw, thank u for christmas gathering with that i can contact again with the other family and i feel so close with them.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Good News for QSmart Employees

I work in QSmart company, this company already merger from 3 companies.
My last company is QnAP Asia (it has 8 office hours )
Hey hey hey
It sound so nice.. that now i just have 7 office hours and 1 hour for lunch. Im very happy to hear that, but i just can feel happy until april.
Why? if on april, our office will move to Mangga 2 square and i have to wake early morning to go to the office and back until night... but i still not know, i have to move the other house or not.
I dont like the environment there. Maybe i will think about it again.
Btw, i got 7 office hours!!!!! huhuhuhuu

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Holiday in Magelang and Jogjakarta

Here simple diary since 22nd dec, 2006 until 3rd january, 2007.
I arrived in Jogjakarta at 23th Dec 2006 at 6.30 AM. My bf pick me up in the train station. Owkkk i got wrong the way to go out from train station and i have to find the other way. Finally i got it and meet my bf :D
Finally i ate so many food that i ever made a list of food and almost all i ate it and i ate the other food again out from the list.
On saturday, i meet so many friends in my friend's wedding in Magelang and we took a picture together. So funny that now my friends become fat, thin, old, beauty, handsome, and talk active.
Before i attend in my friend's wedding, i and my bf cut our hair in the salon. And we got bad cut :( we dont like the result hikssss after that we just remake again, so it looks so fit with us.
That event is so nice, with chinesse custom, there are so many chinesse dance, chinesse songs. Oh ya that place is very big and that is the new ones in Magelang. That place ever held concert, like Agnes Monica concert. It's awesome, isn't it? Magelang is a small city, wowwww u can see so many artist visit in Magelang for vacation or concert. :P
After the wedding event, i went to warung (small restaurant in the road) and eat fried noodle. Hehehe too hungry.
Btw, my sister came to Magelang on Sunday 24th dec 2006, and i reschedule all of my schedule and cancel it.
I have a plan to go to jogja to attend my friend's christmast gathering on his house and will go to church on monday (25 dec 2006) evening in jogja. But i cancel it because my sister came.
And i didnt go to church, but i got family gathering in my grandmother house. So nice, that i can know and talk and laught together with family that i dont know them before and seldom to meet them.
I like this kind of gathering.
On 26 Dec 06, i went to swim with my brother, bf , and nephew hehehe in the Pisangan swimming pool.
Wowwwwww So COOL and i can't swim there.. just 10 minutes and then i took a shower.
Fiuhhhh so cool hihihi but nice, coz i can swim with water from mountain, it's so clear and fresh.
Ahhh in magelang and jogja always rain in the afternoon hikss but i don't care that i still can go everywhere with motorcycle. I like to use this vehicle coz i can feel the cool weather in Magelang and Jogja, and also it's so romantic.
And i went to jogja on thursday 27th dec 2007, i meet many friends and stay in my friend's house for 3 days and 2 nights (thank u nyahleng ... :D)
In jogja i continue complete my mission :P with my bf and friends (mission to eat hihihi), it's so nice that i can meet The Gank again.
And i meet the other friends again and meet new baby :P his age is 4 months (Simon, Sam and Mira 2nd son, and Sion )
we just meet few hours but im very happy of that..
I got bad news that one of my friend's father got sick, but i cant meet them, coz i have to go to Magelang, coz it already late (night) and i just use motorcycle.
Sorry friend, but i hope ur father got well soon :D
And then i went back to magelang, and meet the other friends (old friend) an went together.
On 1st Januarny really morning, i just stay in my house with family and we play with fireworks and have a dinner together like usual. And we talk until morning :D
So great !!!
And finally i think that tmrw i will go to jakarta :( i hate it. I will got homesick again.. silent... miss all of peoples in magelang and jgj.
And in the last day in magelang, im so silent and i cant do anything just prepare all of things that i will bring it to jakarta.
Uhhhhhh Hard day.
And finally that's the time to go back to jakarta :(
I use bus, alone with the other passenger, and i really mad with one passenger. He snooring!!!! Really loud!!! i can't sleep well
That's it.. i really miss my holiday, and i hate it if i go back to jakarta.
I arrived in jakarta on 3rd January 2007 at 6.00 AM. And start work on 9.00AM hehehe Hard day.. too tired
Good bye my sweet memory, Thank U family and friends, u make my unforgotable memory :D
Let's start new day in the new year , with new spirit!