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Sunday, August 27, 2006

English-Indonesian Dictionary via chatting (yahoo messenger)

I already try English-Indonesian / Indonesian-English dictionary via yahoo messenger.
if u want to try just add to contact kamusbot@yahoo.com
and after it finish, just type what word u want to know the meaning
and wait a minute (maybe more :p hehe depends..)
and after that kamusbot will answer the meaning of ur words.

kamusbot seldom to online.. i dont know why.. i never to try again..

Hunting food in Jogjakarta and Magelang :)

Woahahaha here it is list of food that i already eat when i had vacation in Jogjakarta and Magelang from 12-22 August 2007


- Bakmoy - Mikung - Soto kudus - nasi pecel - lotek - kimcimbak - sayur asin bakkut - nasi gudeg - ayam goreng tulang lunak - ayam tim obat - kluban - mie goreng pak tanto - wedang kacang (2x) - ayam+bebek goreng Mblabak - Pirogen - pastel tutup - kimbab (buatan sendiri :p) - manisan strawberry - jus strawberry+kiamboi - Lumpia semarang - Lemper - resoles - ceker+usus goreng - sate - es campur murah - swikee Togok - bakso pasar - roti buatan Mamaku ;p - juan lo - timlo solo - SATE GORENG!!! - buyunghay -
nasi udug buatan sodara - lotek depan rumah -


-Mpek2 Ny.Kamto - Lotek+Lontong Opor depan kampus Duta - empal Mbok Wik - Batagor - Nasi Gandul - Sate babi ketandan - sate babi kranggan - Kwetiaw kalimantan - bebek goreng kranggan - mang engking (2x) - warteg - indomie di burjo - siomay di sate babi ketandan - soto sauna di airport - bubur jakarta depan kampus duta - nasi goreng korea by Mira :p

2 Yusu, Pitsu, Sisu, Tingsu in the soto sauna

Haduh i forgot the other food that i had eaten... hueeuehheue
Congratulation to Mira and Vena, they have a boy (cute boy) hueueue n chubby
Sorry for the other friends that i can't meet u in Jogjakarta or Magelang ...

NB: thank u for the Gank ... we can go together and have fun like before :D
Owwww ya welcome to 'Mateus' and 'Yaya' to the Gank area ... MZK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice to join with us
I will be back again but i dont know we can meet all of the member of the Gank again or not..
but i hope we can!!!! the Gank is always alive !!! :D MZZZKKKKKK!!!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

already come back to jkt

ahhhhhhhhhh finally i comeback to jkt kekeke
i feel want want want want to go back again to magelang n jogjakarta.
Still homesick :( maybe 3 days from yesterday i will feel homesick.
in the office hour, i didnt feel it, but after that.. i feel so boring :(
i hate this feeling.
later i will talk about my story when i have vacation (last week)...
i lost my list :p

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

almost Holiday!!!!!!! n have a vacation

argghhhh finally tommorow is friday..
I will have a small hmmm no no medium vacation hehhee
11 days kekeke from tmrw until 12 august
i will go to my hometown and go to jogjakarta :)
meet my friends n go somewhere ... to find new food again kekekeke
tmrw i will go by train from jakarta to jogjakarta (this is my 1st time to ride train from jkt-jogja)
i seldom to use train ( 1st time to ride train maybe few years ago from bandung to jakarta just 3 hours) but from jkt to jgj maybe 8 hours maybe more
i dont know exactly...
wait for me Magelang and Jogja :)
i can say "Everyday is Holiday" again since 1 yeaar ago huahhahahahhaha

Monday, August 07, 2006

First time to ride busway

Owwww i like busway.. so clean .. and safe..
but i dont like coz i dont know which bus i have to ride..
I have to ride about 2 hours and if i ride with common bus, maybe just half an hour.
Maybe i have to try again until i know the route and which bus to my destination :D
it's cheap.. only Rp. 3500,-
And if u dont have a plan to go someplace in jkt, u can go arround jkt with busway :p
dun know to write again :p
dun have idea