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Thursday, March 29, 2007

So Crazy again in Jakarta

I saw in the newspaper on-line few minutes ago. I got corruption, war between department of government if i not wrong (FPI and Papernas) it happen few hours ago, kill person (young artist).. hey what happen with this country? I don't feel something safe and comfort to stay in this city? I know this city is big and become a center of government and business also. But i can't stay in this city for a long time, if i can do it.
I know i don't like this city but to get job and nice salary, that's not problem but until i die, sorry i really don't want it. I wish i can find new place to live and to open my business there.
oh ya, i read and this is funny topic, there was a girl walk in front of mall and she put off all of her clothes and walk in the busy road, and make traffic jam. When peoples want to give her clothes, she just use it but after that she put off again, she feels not comfortable. I guess she is mad or stress. She is not really like a mad girl, and she not really bad, because that peoples want to see her and traffic jam is coming. Hahaha



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