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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm Human!!!

Nowadays... i feel so lonely when i walk together with my friends. Some of them use 'Autism Gadget' every seconds and when i talked to them.
They answered me without looking at me EVEN I'm in front of or besides them.
I'm HUMAN!!! I'm not a statue or robot!

I just have deep breath when I did this :) Sometime in my mind, I want to get their gadget, and then throw it away.
Oh ya, I saw a new movie 'Grown Up', I really like this movie.

Adam Sandler at that movie, he tried to open mind of his child, because they already addict with the gadget!
I really agree with this kind of movie!

Wew miss the old life like 10 years ago, people not addict with their gadget, only television, phone house, hm for cellphone, I think its not make addict :) not like the others.
Video games? hmm yeah..

Hey friends where are you, come on 'throw' that gadget... ^^ I mean not really throw it :) but don't too addict with your gadget, get some real life with humans!
Not with electronic things. Open your mouth not only for drink, eat, kiss but... for talking ^^

Enjoy your real life with EXACT HUMAN!



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