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Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween day

Me and friends in the office forget that today is Halloween day :p
maybe tmrw we will celebrate it with use black shirt and pants...
i dont know what dresscode :P
We just talk it and i hope we celebrate beach day again :p hahhaa like last time we celebrate it by using beach costume but still in the office. we didnt go to beach :p
but that's okay .. im very happy about that
later i will write again, what happen tmrw about the dresscode :P

Sunday, October 29, 2006

WatchOut Friends with Hepatitis C

Last time i read from magazine and newspaper that Hepatitis C is very dangerous and until now there is no way to kill this virus.
This virus can be spread by like AIDS or HIV.
So if u go to Barbershop, dont use knife to cut your hair or mustache.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Small Reunion with part of The Gank in Jakarta

Hey hey i met my friends again :D we have dinner together and we went to shopping together :p
When we met, oww i miss all my friends in jogjakarta ...
Last night i ate sandwich bakar again. hehehe i dont think that place quite full and make the waiter so confuse and we almost angry coz my order almost an hour not delivered. Hikssss....
And my friend order a cup of coffee and he told to the waiter 'man, i order a cup of coffee.but dont take too long...'(in indonesian: mas, pesan kopi, tapi ga pake lama ya)
and he finally got his coffee maybe half an hour after ordered. (btw, we always remind the waiter maybe 3 times and we change our face like an angry persons :p)
When we order again to bring it home... hmmmm u can imagine.... hahahhaa but that's okay.. coz i know they dont have so many waiter because Idul fitri, most of the waiter and waitress going to their hometown.
After that, me and my friends have to drop one of my friend. We dont know how to reach that place :P we dont know that area. Hahaha...
But finally i got that place and later we have to drop her again :p so i have to remind again :p
maybe make a small map huahahhaha
But last night, we very very enjoy with small reunion :D with The Gank!
NB: for the other The Gank personil :P come on go to Jkt ... and have reunion again ... MZKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

Holiday "idul fitri'

ehm nothing to do in this holiday. Only in the boarding house.. Wake up, Eat, Sleep,Clean my room. Eat ketupat kekkeke..
nothing to do.. just that..
Feel so homesick

Thursday, October 12, 2006

stubborn sometime useful

Last night i saw film "A Knight Tale". Maybe it's strange that woman or girl like this film. This film like 'the patriot'. but when i look in a few minutes i like it. It has nice story and it's about a man who has stubborn.
Since he was child he wants to change his life become knight. And his father told to him that he has to change his star. And his father give the child to the famous knight.. to help his son to change the star (become knight).
From that film, that we dont have to see the status of person everytime (i mean in that film, that son still fight with the arthur while he know he is an arthur). But the other man, didn't want to fight with the arthur because his status. Btw, that son still talk to the arthur like the other person who talk to the arthur. So it means he still look his status, but when he play in the game, he doesn't see the status.
Oh ya, one more, when he became a knight, and he went back to his hometown and visit to his father. And not directly he talk to his father and after that he told that he is his father son.
(before he told that he is his father's son... i just think... ahhh it's usual when a person far away from their parents and become success and they went back to their real life.. i mean the life before they got success.. they very shy to talk or to understand it. is it right? maybe not for all people)
Hmmm i want to see again this film.. i really like it... and i like to see the old scenario of film ;p like the patriot, gettysburg... i will find again :P

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

new gadget, phone in the watch shape

Wow it's very interesting that u can bring between watch and handphone in the same time.
now u can use watch that including a phone. u can see in the picture. It will publish in this December in Australia. It price is about A$649.
It can operate too in America, Asia and Europe.
U can talk with this gadget about 80 hours! And it have place for ur card (RUIM)
hmm i want to see this one. Im very very interested with this gadget. Coz when i was child, i just see it in the Dick Tracy. U can call somebody secretly with ur watch..
maybe next time it will completed with 3G.. u can see mini tv or mp4 player or u can use video call. Hmm so interesting ya :D
kkekeke or add it with camera. i just know that last time i saw watch with mp3 player, watch with camera just that.
Now phone in the watch shape...
later i will show the picture. (*i already got the picture :p see in the left side )
oh ya, this gadget from Samsung