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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

start bloging again on starting rainy season in jakarta

So confuse again when i didnt write a blog maybe for 14 days. when i didnt write, sometimes i have so many idea to write it after i comeback to office.
After open this website.. Suddenly i confuse .
What i should write. I dont know what idea again.
Sometimes i still know that idea,but i just think maybe it just a small paragraph, small story. From 2 days ago, jakarta already start rainy season, with heavy rain and a little bit windy. I like it, wen i sit in front of the window, i ran to the kitchen and make a cup of hot chocholate in the cup.I drink alone and play music that i like it.
But one thing that i forget... it's work time!!!!
Arghhhhh hahhaa if not work time, maybe i can start conversation with the other employee and talk about hobby or some interest things.
Would u join me if not office hour and have a nice place to talk together? :D
Tell me ya :D
Only this week i can sit in front of window, this place is my friend's place.
She move to the other place because me. :D
Thank u friend.. (i have a reason about that.. not reason but fact :p)
Maybe tommorow i will go back to my work place again and mee the old friends in the same room. Miss them so much..
Ahhhh so sleepy.. no sun, cloudy, cool.. like in Xurang :D
Can we play UNO stacko, card, or Monopoli? Now? i want it..
hmm i hear Tukang Bakso in front of office.. i want it hhihihihi...Do u want?
Ahhhh now, bakery man just pass.. hehuehuhee..Okey i want to make a cup of chocholate again, want to enjoy this afternoon.
Chocholate time not tea time

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Busway Route in Jakarta for you

Here it is information about BUSWAY.. (route of bus in Jakarta only)
Kota - blok M (koridor 1)

Halte Kota
Halte Glodok
Halte Olimo
Halte Mangga Besar
Halte Sawah Besar
Halte Harmoni
Halte Monas
Halte Bank Indonesia
Halte Sarinah
Halte Bundaran HI
Halte plaza indonesia
Halte Tosari
Halte Dukuh Atas
Halte Setia Budi
Halte Karet
Halte Benhill
Halte Polda Metro
Halte Gelora Bung Karno
Halte Bunsen
Halte Masjid Agung
Halte Blok M
Harmoni - Pulogadung (koridor 2):

Halte Harmoni
Halte Monas
Halte Balaikota
Halte Gambir 2
Halte Kwitang
Halte Senen
Halte Galur
Halte Rawa Selatan
Halte Pasar Cempaka Putih
Halte Cempaka Tengah
Halte RS Islam
Halte Cempaka Timur
Halte Pedongkelan
Halte ASMI
Halte Pulomas
Halte Bermis
Halte Pulogadung

kalideres - Harmoni (koridor 3)

Halte Harmoni
Halte Jelambar
Halte Indosiar
Halte Taman Kota
Halte Jembatan Gantung
Halte Dispenda
Halte Jembatan Baru
Halte Rawa Buaya
Halte Sumur Bor
Halte Pesakih
Halte Kalideres
pulo gadung - dukuh atas (koridor 4)

Halte Pulogadung
Halte Tugas
Halte Pertamina
Halte Telkom
Halte Tarakanita
Halte Sunan Giri
Halte IKIP
Halte Kehakiman
HalteUtan Kayu
Halte Pasar Genjing
Halte Pasar Pramuka
Halte Matraman I
Halte Manggarai
Halte Pasar Rumput
Halte Halimun
Halte Dukuh Atas 2.
kampung melayu - ancol (koridor 5)

Halte Ancol
Halte WTC
Halte Mangga Dua Square
Halte Jembatan Merah
Halte Kartini
Halte Lautze
Halte Golden Trully
Halte Budi Utomo
Halte Depertemen Keuangan
Halte Senen
Halte Pal Putih/Xerox
Halte Kramat Sentiong
Halte Unversitas Indonesia
Halte St. Carolus
Halte Matraman
Halte Gramedia
Halte Gereja ST Joseph
Halte Urip Sumohardjo
Halte Jatinegara Timur
Halte Jatinegara Barat
Halte Terminal Kampung Melayu.
Ragunan - Kuningan (koridor 6)

Halte Ragunan
Halte Departemen Pertanian
Halte Gotong Royong
Halte Mangga Besar
Halte Pejaten
Halte Buncit Indah
Halte Waring Jati Barat
Halte Imigrasi
Halte Graha Ferostal
Halte Mampang Prapatan/Hero
Halte Rasuna Said/Timah
Halte Graha Irama
Halte Yayasan RPI
Halte Pasar Festival
Halte Plaza Kuningan
Halte Jasa Raharja
Halte Menara Duta
Halte Sultan Agung
Halte Latu Harhari
Kampung Rambutan - Kampung Melayu (koridor 7)

Halte Kampung Rambutan
Halte Tanah Merdeka
Halte Makro
Halte RS Harapan Bunda
Halte Pasar Induk Kramat Jati
Halte Terminal Cililitan
Halte Mayjen Sutoyo
Halte UKI
Halte Rumah Susun
Halte Gelanggang Remaja
Halte Depkeu
Halte Kampung Melayu

Friday, November 10, 2006

let's learn photography

hey guys, i got few links about photography. If u want to start learning photography, hahhaa u can start with me :P
i'm still beginer, i just know just click and click
i dont know the rules..
i just has pocket camera :D but that' s okay..
Next time i will show my photo result :D give comment ya :D
for links, u can see in my blog... now only 2 links. But now i become a member in the photograph forum and i will be active on that website (if i always browse internet, if not, i will buy some books and magazine)


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tips to use your income monthly

Hey guys, there is a trick how to handle your money :D
sorry in indonesian :D

Rumus Sakti Penghindar Tekor Tiap Bulan !
Pernah merasa sesak nafas saat mesti membayar sesuatu di tanggal tua? Pertengahan bulan atau hari-hari menjelang gajian memang saat yang kadang-kadang membuat kita pucat bagai telur di ujung tanduk. Ya gimana tidak, dompet sudah tipis masih harus dikorek-korek untuk membayar segala macam tagihan dan pengeluaran. Sebenarnya, kalau Anda mau sedikit berencana di awal bulan, Anda tidak akan ’mati suri’ bila sudah masuk tanggal tua. Agar tak tekor tiap bulan, buat perencanaan keuangan dengan pintar. Hasilnya, meski akhir bulan sudah menjelang, masih ada dana tersedia untuk bersenang-senang!
Pakai rumus sakti : 30 20 30 20! 30% :
Angka ini adalah jumlah maksimal yang boleh Anda gunakan untuk bayar kos atau sewa rumah. Sesuaikan anggaran perumahan dengan gaji yang Anda dapat. Yang penting, jangan melebihi 30% dari total pendapatan Anda. Alangkah baiknya kalau sewa kos bisa jauh lebih rendah dari angka ini.
20% : Untuk jatah tabungan atau investasi. Bisa berupa tabungan tradisional, deposito atau investasi saham dan reksadana. Alternatif lain dari jaman kuda gigit besi : menyimpan dalam bentuk emas!
30% : Modal operasional Anda untuk keperluan sehari-hari. Termasuk dalam budget ini adalah uang makan sehari-hari, keperluan pribadi atau belanja bulanan lainnya. Jangan lupa masukkan juga tagihan kartu kredit dalam pos ini.
20% : Ini adalah budget ekstra untuk keperluan ’hedonis’ Anda. Belanja baju, aksesori, nonton, sewa VCD, beli kaset atau CD, jalan-jalan atau hiburan lainnya. Kalau ada rekan yang menikah atau ulang tahun, budget 20% ini bisa digunakan untuk beli hadiah

Summary in english

with use magic number 30 20 30 20
30% from your total income . Don't use more than 30% from income to pay your room in the boarding house or apartment everymonth.

20% --> use it for investment. u can save it to bank, or buy $ or buy gold, etc.
30% --> can use for everyday needed. (eat, paying credit card, shampoo, soap,etc)
20% --> u can use for your hobby :D

okay that's it.. u can try to your life.
Btw, i never try it, but later i will try it .. it's sounds interesting and maybe i need it to save my money :D

Be careful in Jakarta

Today i already read email from my friend.
She tell me in that email that there is a crime modus. A few of people with car, they pick one person and then they ask big amount of money to their parents. In that email, that amount about Rp. 10 millions. And after that parents give the money, they will give their child and before that, they hit him and throw him to the road.
That so cruel .. Btw, that criminal interested to person who walk alone.
i dont know, how can they use this way to got the money. And it happen in jakarta... Jakarta again....
owwwwkkkk i hate that!!!!
I wish that the government show that jakarta is very comfort for us not like today.
When i look the other country like German, Singapore, or part of Indonesia (Bali). If we walk alone and fell so comfort and dont care that walk alone in the night.
Ow ya, last month, i heard from my sister, that she ride a bus with her friend, and a few of man do their action to got gold necklace of my sister's friend. And they use knife to got that necklace. He told to my sister's friend, " give your necklace, or i will kill u with this knife (that knife on the neck) or he will push her out of bus (that bus still run fast)."
After that, she give the necklace, with bloody neck!
(Dont use jewelry, handphone, dont show ur wallet with large amount of money, dont talk about salary, money, in the bus or the other vehicle which not own vehicle)
So guys be careful everywhere...