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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Don't have inspiration to write

Nowadays i don't have inspiration to write a blog again :( i'm so sad..
I have one topic that i will pending it to publish in this blog. Because it will take long time and long story. It's about my long weekend. Later i want to write it 1st in my leisure time.
I read about Michael Jackson in the newspaper, i just know that he went to Japan and some people still like him whenever he had so many problem like we know the last time, until he in jail.
I still like his song, 'You are not alone', i really like this song, ehm the other 'Black and White' and also the other old song from Michael Jackson.
When i was child i just guess Michael is a woman, but after that my brother told to me, Michael is a man!
Hahaha because he is so beauty :D I like his house too.. So many games, zoo, like we know Richie Rich, but it is Michael Jackson Rich :P
Oww Michael when you will release new song again? I miss it?


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