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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Good news.. Now HTML 5 is coming out :D hehehe
There are some differences between HTML 4 and HTLM 5, you can check it out in this link http://www.w3.org/TR/html5-diff/

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Friday, January 11, 2008

DOing Something Useful

Doing something useful when you have leisure time

Yesterday i went with friends, we had dinner together.
When I had conversation with him, we had great topic, we talk about what we do when we have some time and nothing to do.
I just give an answer, I just watched TV, search something in the internet, chatting, or going somewhere with the other friends or just sleep, or cleaning my room, just that. Then he told to me, that he always push him self to do something better and useful like doing his hobbies, reading books. Hmm that's good idea huh, since we spare our time, then we can learn something new or our capabilities on doing something is increasing.
From now, I should change my habit and make the better habit became useful habit. Why I should write this and should change my habit?
I heard from him also, 'if you want become success, you should do from now and you should know what you want to be. Looks your parents, they are stronger than us (me and him), you can see them, he saw that his parent seldom to got sickness, and also my parent, but us... we not resistant for the sickness, different weather, I’m very easy to get sick. Is it right?
When I saw my parent, I saw their ambition to do something and also to feed their child is big!
By the way, I don't know about the other parents, but look for the elder, who successful right now, looks their ambition to get something what they want. I bet that they have dreams when they were young and until now they still have dreams to his child and his grandchild, or the others. DO you agree with me?
Look their habits also, I ever saw the successful man doing when he got leisure time, he will doing an exercise or reading a book or watching TV. But when he watched TV, in his table always there is a small book or a laptop there. He always doing something like makes a slide for material to teach someone. Wow that's amazing huh.
I really feel attractive to write this topic, I really want to change my bad habit to better habit,

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Saturday, January 05, 2008


D'Cinnamons is a Indonesian group music. I got it's album from my friend last week and i try to hear it. There is a song that become a soundtrack movies in Indonesia. Hmmm i like this group because this melody is different with the other pop music, and hmm you can hear the guitar melody mostly :p THe singer sounds like Jewel, or the woman who sang 'Jet plane' i don't know the title of the song.
They made Indonesian and English songs, so you can hear it also, don't worry.
There is a group that i like also, it called 'Hitam Putih' but now they didn't release the album, one person of this group is my colleagues in my office. He is a bass guitaris.
Huheuheuhee I heard from him, he will release their album if possible, if not, i still have his album :P their song like pop-jazz.
Oke back to listening music again ...

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Happi New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!!!
Hope and Wish all the Best for you in this year!
Best in Economy, Healthy, Relationship, Love, Career, Everything!

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