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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Puppies (double blacky puppies)

Today i met puppies, maybe it's age about more than 1 months. I really miss of puppies, if i can have one in the boarding house, maybe i will feel not really boring everyday. I can play with him but the owner of boarding house decline it. So just obey the regulation. I ever had dogs in my house but all of them already passed away. When i took them in the garden, they always cry every night and they always want to enter house. But my mom refuse it, because they will sleep in the sofa and they will make dirty floor with their foots and hair.
My mom afraid that their hair contain of virus, and it is danger for our health. Do you remember with Toksoplasma virus? Toksoplasma virus will attack people, and that person will act like idiot and and some of them for a woman who pregnant, they will have a big problem with her baby. So they have to abortion their baby. This is the information i knew about Toksoplasma virus. It really danger and really bad for the future. But i still like dogs than cats.
I can play with dog and dog always know his master. He is like a friend to me when i feel alone.
Puppies so cute so pure and so messy hahaha.. they always pee and poo everywhere they want to do it.
I really hate it if they to do that and i have to clean it. But lucky me today, i can play with puppies and my friend clean it hihihii.
I hope i can have a dog in my house later. Siberian Husky... urkkk or maybe Golden Retriever or Coco.
Now the puppies still sleep, oh ya when i feed them, they are so funny and they can understand when i give a signal to them when i bring a food for them.
Nice to teach them.

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Went to Bandung Again Part 2

I went to Bandung again yesterday so i didn't online on ym and msn :D I met my client again and we have conversation about 6 hours! This is the first time i did it. Fiuhhh so hard and make me tired but im so fun with that. Because all of the information to my project and all the plan of my project really clear. So now i just flow to do my work.
Oh ya since in the car (when going to bandung, in the highway) i saw so many helicopter and i remember old tv series AIRWOLF hehe and i saw so many nice scenery. In the night i saw star in the bottom of earth (light from houses so beautiful in the night like stars), i remember again one place near Jogjakarta, it place is "Piyungan". In that place so romantic and so peace. I really like that place so much, u can drink coffee or tea or ginger and u can ear baked corn :D
That place we usually pass it when we want to goo to Baron-Kukup Beach near Kidul Mountain Jogjakarta.
Back to Bandung again, on the highway to go to Bandung on km 91, we got some misterious situatiion, but i don't know, because i just feel like usual.
I really don't understand why people always make a gossip about that, since i know.
I just know on that road, it ever avalanche and make the road become so messy and it was a big problem (maybe 2 years ago or more than that).
I think it because of the situation and condition of the land.
Finally i go back to jakarta again and through that way but it's different if i through this way when i'm going to bandung. If i'm going to Jakarta... nothing's wrong.
But forget it the mitos. It just condition of the geographical (land).

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

1st day in the Mangga 2 Square office

Today i move to mangga 2 square. I went there with 2 bules (Jeroen and Leon) with Rohim by car. And after arrive here, hmm just work as usual. I don't know i have to sit where, so i have to share table with my friend, ad finally i move again. If i still there, i will get pain in my shoulder and neck. I don't know why.
I will have lunch together with other friends in QSmart :D
Hope this day so fun :D

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


In every place in the city always have beggars. Why they become a beggar.. i don't know the reasons. If i think about it maybe there are so many factors that they want to be a beggar.
1. They look the other beggar, it's very easy to get some money, and it enough to live with that income
2. Why should go to school, school make them so confuse and it's very hard, can make them feel headache
3. They don't want to pay school fee because too big to pay, they can use that money to the other needs.
4. That's better to play and got some money than everything

Sometimes i feel so sad whn i sa beggar and then i want to give few money to them, but i cancel it, because some media told me about them maybe they just react like a beggar and they are lazy to work. I saw like madam and young people or person who still can work but they just ask some money without work.
It's a lazy person, right?
If i give them money, it means i support them become a beggar and lazy person.
So don't give them money. but if you want help them maybe teach them to find new job, if it is possible.
But how about the government? Are they care about this?
If too many beggar in this country, it will make bad perfomance to our country also.
Don't think to be a beggar, always try as hard as you can


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Gong Xi Fa CaiXin Nien Guai Le

saturday i went to my aunty house on evening, before arrive in my aunty house, i went to mall and then i had a snack in dunkin donut alone. I really want to taste again that donut. I tried donut and in the inside is blackcurrant and lychee hmm so nice and sweet. I like lychee taste.After that i saw chinesse wayang (it's called po teng hi). I never seen live before. I always saw in the tv, but no one station play this program. I really want to see and to know about the story. But ya maybe later it will be showed by tv station.I just saw it maybe 5 minutes and then continue to go to my aunty house.After arrived, the other aunty called me, and she invited me to go to Sand's Cafe. There are big party and a lot of artist from china there.But i refuse it, because i want to spend my time with my sister and the other aunty and uncle and also my brother. So we just held dinner together and watching television together.I just remember, when i celebrate this Chinesse New Year in my hometown (magelang), some family go to my grandmother house, and then we have dinner together (maybe 4 family). And watching tv and talk together.But now here, just one family, ups 2 family with me and my sister.That's okay, it's better that alone in my rent house :DMaybe next year i will go back to my hometown and celebrate chinesse new year (sincia) there.This night after dinner maybe at 8 PM i went to upstair and then i saw so many fireworks and i like it. Some firework exact in top of my head maybe 3 meters.Ouchhhh i'm so shocked haha but i really like fireworks.I want to turn on the firework but i don't have it. SO i just enjoy it from the other person and house who turn on it. Free and no charge!!!!

Sunday, when i woke up,very late (woke up at 7.30 :P)I saw my uncle already wake up and my aunty also. Directly i said "Gong Xi Fa Cai" Hihiih but they didn't give me angpau at that time.So many SMS came and when i open it, hmmm it's about saying Gong Xi Fa Cai :DAfter have breakfast we ate white noodle. It's kind of tradition when in the morning of Chinesse New Year day, we always ate White Noodle, and also Oranges,kue ranjang (basket cookies, i don't know in english. It shape like silinder and brown and thicky and sweet) and some of food i forgot it's names.And then after eat i got angpau (finally). Maybe at 2 PM i went to my aunty house and visit them one by one. They always offer fruit to me and my sister oh ya and cake.I like this day every family can meet together and we can talk together, i hope this kind of tradition still hold never end.How about u guys who celebrate Sincia :D

Thursday, February 15, 2007

System Registry

I use this application to repair all of system in my computer. Today i install this t my computer, and i try to scan and i got more than 1000 problems in my system.

So it directly repair all the problem. Before i use this application, almost everyday my computer always 'Hang' or error and i have to restart again.

This application is very small and simple to use.

I will know this application really help me or not, or my computer still slow and

always error.

I just want to try it for few days :D

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Confuse after change laptop

It's not comfortable to change other laptop that ever used by my friend. I didn't format again, coz some application and some data i still use it, and this laptop maybe less than half year is new.
I really don't know, my friend ever scan for virus or not.
This laptop always make me shocked! I always get a shock (when touch not in the keyboard, suddenly the electrical energy touch me)... Arkkkkk, but when i use carpet or shoes it never happen, without that, don't ask to get shock :D
But i like this laptop coz i got dvd R/W and this processor 2times faster than before, i still like my last laptop. I like design, keyboard, not making shocked,speaker, not hot,place of fan not make my hand feel hot.
But that's okay i will still use this, i will try to like it.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine Day

Finally Valentine day is coming :D
So sad i can't celebrate this Hepi and Love day with my bf :( but that's okay i still contact with him and still can talk , is better than not.
I remember last year i celebrate together with my friends in billiard place in the Artha Gading Mal (kelapa gading). We join to a competition, just for fun and some of us won that competition for 2nd place.
Btw, for additional news about Valentine day, u can open this website
Oh ya i got a chocholate from friend in the company and we shake hand and saying Happy Valentine :D
Hepi Valentine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know where i will go to celebrate with friends ..
NB: who want give me chocholate again ??? i will take it hoaohaohoaa


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Still flood story

Start monday again.. flood still in some part of Jakarta and Java, now people after flood, they got sick. They still in the camp, remake or repair their house/building, cleaning all the things like vehicle, house.
In Jakarta got so crazy traffic jam. (some part of jakarta that got flood, now the water is already gone/dry)
So many supermarket in Jakarta they prepare so many stock of instant noodle in carton (40 pieces). They prepare in the rack, they seldom to do that before flood came. They usually show per pieces and keep the cartons in the warehouse.
And they prepare so many bread, in one day, almost all bread are sold.
Crazy after and in flood situation.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Phone, Water, Electricity and Internet network not work good

From Friday until now, Jakarta has problems with phone, water, electricity and internet network.
In my place i didn't find that kind of problems. Just water and telephone. But that's oke, my house use water from land 'sumur', electronic pump suck it from ground and then put it in the water tank, but water from the PDAM is not working. Because it has problems with filtering water that caused by rubish.
About internet networking, yesterday i heard from my friend that internet is down. Finally i enter to my office and it working, an d i can browse internet, and find the news that speedy had to change hardware and in the night we can use internet again.
Telephone from friday until now, we can't use it. Arggkkkk how can.. (btw, i didn't use telephone) i just use handphone. For sms is oke, but to call the other number, it's very hard.
Electricity in some part of Jakarta are off because of flood. Until when, i don't know..
I hope it will be better soon.
Oh ya the bad things is, nowadays it's very hard to withdraw your money in the ATM and to buy credit for your handphone.
Crazy disaster!
I forgot again, train from Jakarta-Jogja and Jakarta-Solo had cancel again. The passenger got full money back from the train station.
People in Jakarta can't go everywhere and people from the other city who wants to go to jakarta, hmm it's possible but it's difficult.
Oh Mom, i want to go back to my hometown.Hiksssss... huwaaaa.....
Last saturday, my friend can go to the airport, but he said flood everywhere. And he just use one back pack. So hard, until now, i don't know when my friend will go back to jakarta again.

Flood in Jakarta :P

Flood flood flood again. How can it be?? Every night we always see heavy
rain from night until early morning. Hmm it very nice, isnt it? You can
feel how cool it is without AC(air conditioner) in jakarta. In jakarta you always feel hot, hard to breathe because of pollution and
the other things.Now,u can see in your screen of television. U just see water everywhere
and there are so many kids play in the wet road, many people use cart, but
some of them still using car or motorcycle or bus and truck. Some street
still dry just part of jakarta got this disaster. Near of my place, mabye 1-2km got flood, so my place just center of flood.
And it has medium river and it almost full. I just still pray, if that
river full and maybe my place will got flood.I just keep pray, it will not give heavy rain again. From now, i just
prepare myself to stock some medicine and food, my place is near with
mall, and i feel a little bit quiet/calm.

3 February 2007
When i went to carefour, we have to try to find the new way to go there,
and we saw complexes of house that already got flood maybe 1 - 2 meters.I got one funny thing is there are many man go to that place to fishing
and to look the water and tooks some picture. Fishing!!! how can!!
HAhahaha maybe i can join with themLast saturday i went to carefour,and i can see many people full their
trolley with food, medicine, fruit,mop and the other things like baby
needs and kids needs. There is one people bought 6 dos of instant noodle
(Wowww!!! 1 dos = 40 pieces) And when i want to pay, i have to wait maybe 10 person in front of me. 1
person with full trolley. more than half hour i have to wait just to pay
my things. And finally my turn is coming and hey i saw a kid who try to
find his parent. His age maybe 3 years old. And i don't know finally find
his parent or not. And i go back to house and the cloud is going dark. Few
hours later, i found sunshine!!! windy againIn the night was very windy and heavy rain. I just afraid with my friends
who stay in kelapa gading, no electricity, water enter in the house, can't
go everywhere, no car, far from the other place. It's make me crazy!

4 February 2007
This morning i went to church in the Citraland mal which position near
Grogol, when i went there, hmm i prepare myself to use 'Sandal Jepit' and
'half trousers' and i walk until that mal. When i walk, there are a road
that full of water maybe 20 cm and the other one maybe 30 cm. Fiuh, i have
to fold my half trousers. And i didn't forget to take picture also. Maybe
some of people thought that i'm crazy to take picture in the flood road.
Hihihi i will put my last picture in that road. Oh ya there are so many
kids there and they swim and some of them using their cart to make money.
Some kids ask me to ride that cart, and i have to pay Rp 2000,- to across
5 meter. And for motorcycle, my friend told to me, he has to pay Rp
20.000,- I didn't use that cart, i didn't need it. I still want to play water :P
ahahahaha Oh ya i took some pictures from the bridge, but i feel scare coz one man
stare at me when i took some pictures, and i cancel to take the other part
and then i went home. That very nice but if my house in jakarta got flood, hmm i don't want it.Lucky me :DI hope that the river near my house didn't full. In kelapa gading, urgggk... still flood almost in that area.But lucky them, carefour near that place still open, everybody still can
re-charge handphone and they can buy meal or food and get water.Please pray for them.

5 February 2007
Today i enter to the office, but some of the employee still not enter, i
understand why they didn't enter.This morning i heard from radio, Jakarta will got heavy rain until 7 february 2007.I saw some picture from my friend who took pictures in the same way with me. He could get the other part that i didn't took picture.There are 4 bus stuck in that road.And so messy. Btw, i just guess, where is the rubbish, i didn't see it. Maybe after flood, u can see Jakarta without rubbish.I saw sunshine again this morning but still cloudy.Hmm i have to work again.
To be continue...


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Danger using Handphone when Falling Rain

I got an email and i remember a story about it.
It's very danger that we make a call or receive a call when falling rain.
In that email there is a girl with her friends, she walk in the street and using umbrella. She heard her handphone ringing, and she answered it. Suddenly... thunder attack her handphone.
And she got accident because that, and she entered to hospital and she died.
The other story, my older sister's friend use her handphone in front of her house and at that time is raining. Suddenly thunder come. And her handphone is broken, no signal. And she tried so many time but her handphone still no signal, finally she went to handphone shop to repair her handphone. And the repairman can't repair it.
DONT use your handphone if u still love it. Hehehe
NB: when i use handphone in the house and there are big thunder.. hehehe it still working :P

Write Blog in English is very useful

Last time i wrote about what the advantage to write a blog.
But now i want to tell you what are the advantages:
1. if u want to see some information, and u ever write it, just open it again.
like yesterday, i want to use busway and i don't know about route, and i remember i ever wrote, so i just open it and gotcha.. i got it.
2. for indonesian people, we are seldom to use english in conversation and writing in english or maybe reading also. This blog will help us to do that, but for conversation, u have to talk in english
3. write is a kind of hobby and u can talk to this blog (looks so crazy ya.. but it works! if u feel boring, angry, lonely, happy, confuse, and the other feeling, just write what do u feel right now. And after write, u feel so good.
4. if u really like to write a blog, u will feel forced to read and want to know about new information
5. ehmm i will think about it again. Hihihi if u have some idea what is advantage from writing blog, just give comment to me :D


Rainy day is coming to town

From this week i just feel now is rainy day, flood everywhere, i can't go by car or motorcycle or the other government transportation except bus and truck hihii.. Not that bad, yesterday i went with busway and see almost all the way got traffic jam. Bless me that i use busway :D
Oh ya in some way got a little bit flood, maybe just 30cm but now, hmm maybe 1 m i think.
This early morning my bf called me and he said that his house got flood also, rain come very heavy and take a long time. But this morning he said rain is stop.
Why Jakarta and near Jakarta like this, in my hometown if got heavey rain for maybe almost 1 day, still not flood, but depends on the way, but i think it's really different with Jakarta.
Urgkkk I hate it, maybe because rubish everywhere and people not aware if they throw rubish to the river or somewhere not in the rubish can.
Hey people, just throw ur rubish to rubish can, please.....
Oh ya, when i saw the river in Jakarta and near Jakarta, almost full of rubish, and rubish, rubish... smell bad, bad view, green water, but it's so funny yesterday i saw there are people still take a bath and swim in the river. Hahaha so crazy.
This morning few employee in my office didn't come ;p They can't go here because flood, i saw in the newspaper also, flood everywhere.
I like rainy season but i don't like flood season.Hihihii Oke enjoy a glass of tea and some snack and hear music of rain.