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Monday, May 07, 2007

Massage with Blind people (be careful)

When you feel so tired, nothing to do, have enough time to take rest, it the good idea to massage your body or going to spa in the beauty center.
In Indonesia there are so many massage center, and the famous thing and safe place is in the massage place by blind people.
Blind people will massage you and they already got course on it, so they can massage you well (i never try this massage)
In every city in Java, you can find it. I don't know about the rate of it. If i take massage by normal people (absolutely woman, because i don't like man to massage me, i feel so not comfort) is about Rp15000,- and in Jakarta wow! it's so expensive! Maybe Rp 70.000,-

Last time my friend want to try this place (massage center by blind people) and he enter to that place with his friend, his friend just accompany him. One of the owner or the massager, ask him, do you want massage, he said yes.
And then he follow her, he just think why no blind people here, and in that place there are so many woman using mini skirt (sexy woman, but she is fat), and then his friend just said to him,
is this right place because he ever go to the other place but massage with blind people, it's different, because they massage people in the open rooms.
And then he cancel it to massage in that place... It's not massage place but MASSAGE ++ , That woman flirt man ...

They use the cover (massage by blind people) but they using this name for the other service. How can? How about the police or government? They didn't so something for this? Arkkkk please do something, this not right.

Just be careful guys, it's happen in Jakarta, and i ever heard not only this time.

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