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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bad News and Good News

Hi friends, i think some of you already got this information.. but i will tell the truth, next month i will seldom to write blog, but i will try to write everyday like nowadays.
Maybe you will guess why i tell this? Hehehe no no no, don't guess it, i will answer it now!
It's very hard to answer because there are so many problems here i should write it or no, and the end, i will write it.
Few weeks ago, i have to think hardly, because i got options to work the other company or still in current company. Only few hours ago, i got the answer, and i chose "try to work in another company" beside that i really like my current company. So many things i won't get it in another company. In the beginning of June, June 4th, 2007, i will start in new company. That company name is "I'M Technology", it's smart card company. It's from Singapore and than merger with another company from France.
My current company is "QnAP Asia", it's come from Netherland, i'm so sorry friends because i have to go from this company... But we will still contact, right, you still become my friends.
Next week, exactly May 25th, 2007' it's my last day in QnAp Asia (Jakarta), maybe we will have short time together from now. I like the situation, we are like family between us, we seldom to see our position, we always went together, have outing together, basicly we like outing!!! and also Packet Attack!!!
We have great team since i work there ....!!! Keep Moving On!!!!

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