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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Day in Qnap

This day is my last day to work in Qnap, tomorrow i will go to my hometown for 1 week, and then start work to new company June 4, 2007.
It's hard to tell to all of friends in the company, because some of them already knew that today is my last day, and some of them not. Yesterday i talk to my friend, about today is my last day, she shocked, she didn't know. Basically, i don't like to tell (advertise) about my last day, but i have to do it. Ahhhh so tired they always said, what happen, where will you go, why, when...
But that's okay, finally i can pass it this day.
Today, i have to send to all of my friend in QnAp in Indonesia and Netherland, i think all of you got it, right? hehehe it's about .... hehe you can see it from my email.
Friends, Hope we will still contact and having fun together ya, only having fun, not sadness ... hahhaha
I really not enjoy my last day.. too sad, and cannot be expressed.
Miss you all of my friends, by the way, i still live and become your neighbor :D see you soon next week. I will go back to jakarta on June 3rd, 2007.

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