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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Habitat in My BedRoom

Yesterday i feel so boring and boring and boring...
When i saw aquarium in the office, i got an idea, i will buy small aquarium and put some fish there.
Then i told to my friend, ask her, will she buy an aquarium also or just me?
Then she join me to go to fish shop, with the other friend. When we arrived there, i don't have plan to buy it at that time. I just want to see it first, then if i feel great to have pet (fish) i will buy it.
My friend has a plan to buy it at that time, but she taught her room not too big, so she canceled it. But i bought it!!! Huauhuaa i bought circle aquarium, an air pump, 2 big fish (comet), 5 small fish.
Yesterday, when i back home from swimming, i saw 1 fish out from the aquarium, and i just tough that fish already die, but hmmm when i took it, that fish shake his tail. Then directly i put it inside aquarium.
I really happy to get it :D But today i give my 5 fish to my office, hehehe i like the big fish, because it circle aquarium, i can't see them sad
Later i will buy new fish again..
Before this, i have plan to buy sea fish, but i cancel it, no square aquarium, and no shop near my house. sad
Hihhihi i got new habitat :D new friends and new aquarium biggrincool
Here it is my aquarium (now not in my bedroom) because so many people said, don't put aquarium in the bedroom, that's not good..

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Blogger Antony Pranata said...

Show us the pictures of your aquarium, please... :))

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 12:16:00 PM

Blogger Denny -Tan- said...

wakakakkaka... nice aquarium, but that's kind of disaster for your pet.. like a small prison for a giant fish (komet) wakakakak

Monday, May 21, 2007 7:44:00 AM

Blogger cien cien said...

antony : finally i give a picture for you (my small aquarium)
denny: hehe i already know it from my bf, i really don't know when i bought it, and in that shop only sell this aquarium, i want to buy square but nothing there... :(

Monday, May 21, 2007 8:07:00 PM


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