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Monday, May 07, 2007

Insects inside your ear?

I guess from the title above, you can imagine if one ant inside in your ear. It's so disturbing..
I ever felt it, there is sound that make you mad and feel scare, because you don't know what happen with your ear. One thing that i can make this ant out from my ear, just put some water, and it will go out...
Here the story why ant can enter to my ear, when i sleep and i don't know that there are ants n my bed. Suddenly it enter and make sounds so great and disturbed me and suddenly i woke up, and i don't know what shall i do. I just take cotton bud, but i think again, that this ant will run inside of my ear,urkkkk finally i see a bottle of water, and i just give water to my ear.
Lucky me it can go out from my ear.
Today, i read an article that boy, inside his ear there are 2 small spider, and make home in his ear.
He said that there were sounds that make him so disturbed, finally he went to doctor and that doctor give some water, and 1 spider go out from his ear, and the doctor still try to put some water again. Woww one spider go out again!!!!
1st is died spider, 2nd the spider still alive.
And the doctor still check and make sure that no things again in his ears.
It's so funny that boy bring spiders to school and said to his friends!!! Hahaha He is so proud :D
Guys don't forget to clean your ears, but don't too clean. It's not good.
Clean your body, it's make you still healthy :D

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