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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Too many accident in Indonesia

Again train out from the rail in Purwokerto, before that it happen in the Jogjakarta (Kotabaru).
Why so many accident like this, or disaster like flood, land slide, or earthquake in some place, or falling plane ,slip plane, or the tire of plane need air, drowning ship, and the other accident.
I hate it that news like that!
I heard that now in Jakarta really hot and seldom falling rain (btw usually in jakarta is rainy season), maybe last january will rain and will get flood!
What happpen with this season and this world.
It become so crazy and crazy and crazy.. i really miss many years ago, the season come like the schedule.
Like from august until march or april is rainy season and may until august is summer.
It because of the act people in this country, if yes, hmm we should see ourself again and try to make better and repair our habit. I know it's very difficult but impossible is nothing!
If u want to repair it, u have to push urself.
Come on guys...


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