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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Swim in the heavy Rain

Few days ago i got a plan to swim together with my friends in my friend place. Yesterday we just commit our plan to swim. And finally we went to swimming pool and look the rain is very heavy. I just think, i want to swim or not.. if swim, i just alone, heyyy finally my friend come and we just confuse.. swim or not in the middle of rain. Hemmm cool, heavy rain, cool water, windy.
Ahhhrkk but in the swimming pool so quite people there. And only 3 girls include us.
After in the water, brrrr it's so cold!!!!!!!!!
And we directly shake our mouth huahauhua and finally we got the new way, that is SWIM!!!
I really like to swim when it falling rain. Before that, i just say to my bf, 'why do u like to swim in when falling rain?
I don't like it when u did like that, coz u can get sick. Or maybe thunder will attack u.'
But after that i did it, and i like it, i want it again...
and my bf just laughing when i said like that and keep teasing me :p
But.. wait... in the night i always sneezing and feel cold. I just directly eat medicine and hot chicken red bean soup.
Hahahaha next week i will do it again.

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