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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas tree so unique in one church

January,7th,2007, i went to chatolic church in Bintaro, if not false, that name of church is St.Stevanus church.
It has unique altar, Pastor speech in the center of us, so it shape looks like a square.
I only saw this church ones, and there are so many peoples.
Until that time i went to that church, they still show Christmas tree, but that is not from green tree with other application like lamps, ball, ribbon and star. It's very different, they make cubes and arrange it become a tree.
Each side of cubes put photo, from baby until child. and the top of cubes tree, there is a star, but star not shine, just white.
It's awesome that they have an idea to make it.
Oh ya, when christmas come, in usual church, they always make a cave and Jesus, Maria, and 3 kings sculpture put in. But in this church, they just make a plain black man sculpture, they looks a king, care person, uncare person, baby.
WOW.... this word out from my mouth many times. And my aunty said to me, last year they make christmas tree from baskets and this church always creative.
I want to see it again, next year.
Maybe i should go there again hehehe if possible. I like the Pastor's speech also.
He talk about, we can become a light everywhere just give simple action, for an example:
we pray before and after eat. People arround us, will think again why we pray.
And we can answer to them, 'We thank to God to this food".
It's simple right :D


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