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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fun with their video sex

When i read news from online newspaper, i saw that now peoples like to make their own video or picture or maybe sound file about sex.
That people comes from students, parents, or the other level. They usually make it with their own handphone or maybe handycam or digital camera.
And few of them put that file into internet, and they feel proud of their action. What happen with these kind of people??
There are story and facts that there are people has their own video had stolen by the other person and they spread it via internet or maybe burn it into dvd and cd. Finally that actors feel so shy. And they had to fight with the other problems that comes out from they did. And some of them, they had to pay to the other person that knew that video or photo, and very big amount of money they have to pay!! If you has big money that's not a big problem, if not.... You can ruin what your future plan.
When i think about it, it is like a new mode ?? Hahaha :D
What happen if your child, or one of your family did it :p or maybe you did it, and somebody know you and they did something bad to you or your family.
Guys, just be careful :D there are so many software that it can detect and see to your memory card that you ever saved it and delete it (but if you just delete it, it still had a back up and that software still can see that file).
Smart technology ...
Once again, be careful guys :D
Oh ya, dont put your file in your handphone, if it stolen... hmmmm you will know what will happen to you. i can say like this because so many people lost their handphone and it save their own video sex. And the robber put it into internet.