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Monday, January 29, 2007

Yesterday i went to Padalarang

Yesterday i went to Padalarang-Bandung to meet my client and went to restaurant.
On the way to go to Padalarang, we meet some problems like late to go there and we have to pick the other person because of traffic jam.
And we meet some accident like slipped car, car falling down, crashed, arghkk so crazy.
After arrived in the our mess (rent house) we ate Chicken pouridge and it not really expensive.
After that we visit our mess, is not small but enough to stay maybe just 4 peoples. It just has 2 rooms.
And then we continue to go to the client and then we went to eat in the BALE PARE, this place like an outdoor cafetaria, there was a stage too.
And they serve some food from western and also indonesian food, also chinnesse food.
The price of food not really expensive, oh ya i ate Beef steak and drink Strawberry juice.
Strawberry juice... hihihihi i think they just use 3 pieces of strawberry maybe... u know what i mean? Hmmm i really dont like that juice but that's okay...
And that steak.. it taste sweet.. so strange huh...
But i really like that place, we can make small gathering there, and we can spend some time there. I like it!
And then we go back to our client again and took some tour there.
Sorry i can't tell u about the story there.
After that we go back to Jakarta again at 3.30 PM and i just think i didn't use car but like ride a horse :D
always jump and jump and jump..
i can't sleep there so tired...
and finally i arrived at jkt on 5.30 PM but very very crowded, i arrived to my place at 7PM Arghhhhh so tired.
And Have a dinner.....
just that.. now my body really need some time to rest again :( i need holiday
But that's okay i like to travelling hihihihh