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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Holiday in Magelang and Jogjakarta

Here simple diary since 22nd dec, 2006 until 3rd january, 2007.
I arrived in Jogjakarta at 23th Dec 2006 at 6.30 AM. My bf pick me up in the train station. Owkkk i got wrong the way to go out from train station and i have to find the other way. Finally i got it and meet my bf :D
Finally i ate so many food that i ever made a list of food and almost all i ate it and i ate the other food again out from the list.
On saturday, i meet so many friends in my friend's wedding in Magelang and we took a picture together. So funny that now my friends become fat, thin, old, beauty, handsome, and talk active.
Before i attend in my friend's wedding, i and my bf cut our hair in the salon. And we got bad cut :( we dont like the result hikssss after that we just remake again, so it looks so fit with us.
That event is so nice, with chinesse custom, there are so many chinesse dance, chinesse songs. Oh ya that place is very big and that is the new ones in Magelang. That place ever held concert, like Agnes Monica concert. It's awesome, isn't it? Magelang is a small city, wowwww u can see so many artist visit in Magelang for vacation or concert. :P
After the wedding event, i went to warung (small restaurant in the road) and eat fried noodle. Hehehe too hungry.
Btw, my sister came to Magelang on Sunday 24th dec 2006, and i reschedule all of my schedule and cancel it.
I have a plan to go to jogja to attend my friend's christmast gathering on his house and will go to church on monday (25 dec 2006) evening in jogja. But i cancel it because my sister came.
And i didnt go to church, but i got family gathering in my grandmother house. So nice, that i can know and talk and laught together with family that i dont know them before and seldom to meet them.
I like this kind of gathering.
On 26 Dec 06, i went to swim with my brother, bf , and nephew hehehe in the Pisangan swimming pool.
Wowwwwww So COOL and i can't swim there.. just 10 minutes and then i took a shower.
Fiuhhhh so cool hihihi but nice, coz i can swim with water from mountain, it's so clear and fresh.
Ahhh in magelang and jogja always rain in the afternoon hikss but i don't care that i still can go everywhere with motorcycle. I like to use this vehicle coz i can feel the cool weather in Magelang and Jogja, and also it's so romantic.
And i went to jogja on thursday 27th dec 2007, i meet many friends and stay in my friend's house for 3 days and 2 nights (thank u nyahleng ... :D)
In jogja i continue complete my mission :P with my bf and friends (mission to eat hihihi), it's so nice that i can meet The Gank again.
And i meet the other friends again and meet new baby :P his age is 4 months (Simon, Sam and Mira 2nd son, and Sion )
we just meet few hours but im very happy of that..
I got bad news that one of my friend's father got sick, but i cant meet them, coz i have to go to Magelang, coz it already late (night) and i just use motorcycle.
Sorry friend, but i hope ur father got well soon :D
And then i went back to magelang, and meet the other friends (old friend) an went together.
On 1st Januarny really morning, i just stay in my house with family and we play with fireworks and have a dinner together like usual. And we talk until morning :D
So great !!!
And finally i think that tmrw i will go to jakarta :( i hate it. I will got homesick again.. silent... miss all of peoples in magelang and jgj.
And in the last day in magelang, im so silent and i cant do anything just prepare all of things that i will bring it to jakarta.
Uhhhhhh Hard day.
And finally that's the time to go back to jakarta :(
I use bus, alone with the other passenger, and i really mad with one passenger. He snooring!!!! Really loud!!! i can't sleep well
That's it.. i really miss my holiday, and i hate it if i go back to jakarta.
I arrived in jakarta on 3rd January 2007 at 6.00 AM. And start work on 9.00AM hehehe Hard day.. too tired
Good bye my sweet memory, Thank U family and friends, u make my unforgotable memory :D
Let's start new day in the new year , with new spirit!