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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nice weekend with other family

Last friday im so shock that the other family SMS me that my uncle and my aunty ask me to sleep in their house on weekend (Saturday).
I seldom to talk with them, but last christmas gathering we start to talk again with their daughter. And we had nice conversation and the other family like my grandmother looks so happy that we could talk like that.
And finally i went to their house and it's so awesome that i feel know them like so many years, i feel comfort to stay.
Their house quite far with my house. All the time we talk, watch movie, swim together.
I got so many things from them, their life is so different with me. And i can learn it from them.
This weekend makes me happy and make me feel, it different and amazing weekend than usual :D
Btw, thank u for christmas gathering with that i can contact again with the other family and i feel so close with them.


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