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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vitamin C and Shrimp has bad effect

I got experience with this one, when i eat seafood include shrimp and i drink orange juice. Hmmm it just give me stomacache. But my mom vomit because of that. But we don't know why after that we got sick.
We just assume that maybe because our condition is not good and too windy in that place.
Suddenly i got an email and read in the magazine that vit C in big amount and eat shrimp, it give an effect to our healthy.
Maybe it just my opinion, how about the other from shrimp like crab or something else, maybe it not fit with vit C.
So, now when i eat seafood i never ask orange juice. Hiihih just plain tea. That's better, it can reduce oil in your body, like chinnese tea.
That shrimp have an arcenite.. ( i forgot the name of that one) it will have an effect with vit c.
Just remember it, don't drink orange juice when u eat shrimp.