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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Travelling in Setia budi st. on foot

Last week, Saturday, i with friends went to Setia budi st. wew it's like a new experience for me that i can walk and spent maybe 4 hours in that street. The sunshine is very strong and windy. There are so many dust and some of them enter my eyes.
When we ride a busway, we just expect where we have to stop :p coz until now, i just ride it twice since i live in jakarta :p
When i ride it, i feel better with ride busway than the other bus. Coz i feel so comfort but, there are few chair, so u have to be clever to find that chair, if not, u will have to stand.
In Setia budi area, i have to walk and walk street by street with my friend, and then we finally find my friend's house (maybe almost half hour after we use busway) and we just walk in that area and then we meet good area and bad area. All of us are womens, and in the bad area we just move to the other area, coz we feel so afraid if something happened to us. We dont want to take that risk, and some of us like a kid hehe..
Btw, i really like that traveling, coz now i can knew part of jakarta without own vehicle. Hmm later i will go to the other part of Jakarta and make a list and also diary and not forget to write it down in my blog...


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