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Sunday, April 22, 2007

2nd Laptop Broken again

This morning...
Bad news again!
Urkkkk 2nd time i have to change my laptop. 1st time my laptop brand is Maxdata, it just have processor 800MHz, 2nd time MSI M630 now i use ASUS. Those laptop are from my company.
MSI M630, urkkkk it suddenly make sounds so weird, that sound like gokart machine. Maybe it's from loudspeaker, i'm so afraid if it suddenly blow up, i just turn it off, and i try to turn on again, it still make that sound and finally i turn off again.
Few minutes ago, i try to turned on again and still same, but the Operating system is broken.
Maybe last night i got a sign to burn all my data, but i didn't did it :( Last night i'm so tired...
I plan to burn it all to DVD this week, but i'm not luck ...



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