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Monday, April 09, 2007

My Holiday on Easter day

Fiuhhh finally i can write this article about my holiday since 31 March - 8 April 2007. I went back to my hometown (Magelang and Jogjakarta)..
I went back to Jogjakarta by plane with my friend, we have delayed an hour, we got flight at 11.20 become 12.20 (more than that).. I'm so tired and a little bit hungry, lucky me, i already ate one bread. After arrive in Jogjakarta, my family picked me up and we went to eat Gudeg Yu Djum. I ate this because i don't know which food i want to eat :p and i want to eat as soon as possible. Finally i arrive in Magelang and meet my sister and the other family :D

Saturday 31 march 07, i meet my bf and the Gank, and we celebrated my friend's bday in the night. Before that, i went to the movie saw "Meet The Robinson", i didn't see it all, because i'm so tired and fall asleep in that movies :P hahaha.. After that we went to the one restaurant and Karaoke hepi puppy. It's so much fun !!

Sunday, i went to Catholic church with my friends at 8.30 AM, this day before Easter day. We called it 'Minggu Palma', we are given 3 leaves of palm trees. After from church, we seperated, we have to went back to our house, because Monday, some of us have to work again.

Almost a week i stayed in Magelang , meet my old friends and play together with my brother, mom and dad :D and also try some old and new snack hehe
Oh ya, i try cake in the Novotel hotel (after 8 PM, it's discount 45%) hihi, and i ate in the swimming pool with my bf, hmm so romantic wakakkaa, i remember when i still in the university i always go to this hotel only ate cakes with my friends and talk together in the swimming pool. Yummy cakes!!
Friday, i went to Depok near Parangtritis beach and i ate seafood there, so cheap and they had various fish, i ate shark huheuhue..
It has delicious meat :D and in that beach i take so many pictures and wait sunset.
Friday night, i went back to Magelang again.. so tired day but happy day.
Saturday, the day before i went back to jakarta, urkkk i feel so lazy to go to jakarta again, to busy city and hot city :( i like to stay in my hometown, cool, little polution, cheap to eat, there are so many place to go, oh ya, i ate Nasi Godog om Bendot near Malioboro, i miss them so much.. And i went to malioboro too, to bought some souvernirs for my aunty. If you go there just press 70% from the real price. If they offer Rp 10.000,-, you bargain Rp 3000,- try this.
Because i got a thing Rp 25000,- and i try to bargain from Rp 5000,- and they give it Rp 7500,-
Try as you can :D
Finally the day to went back to Jakarta (sunday, 8 april 07), i went back to jakarta by plane again "Adam Air", hmm i think you know this plane, when i enter this plane, i just keep pray and pray, fiuhh nothing happen with this plane. I think this plane is better than "Wings Air". When i went back to Jogjakarta i use "Wings Air" plane, there was a smoke from Air Conditioner (maybe too cold) and there some water in the roof. But in the Adam Air, everything is oke.
Just pray if use it hehehe ..
Fool me, when i want to pay airport tax, i pay it in the wrong locket, i pay it in the insurance locket, i didn't read it. I just pay, and just think, why the airport tax is cheaper than before? Hmm Lucky Me..
After that, i entered to the waiting room, and one officer check my boarding pass, she told to me," Miss, you didn't pay the airport tax, please pay it first.", I'm so shocked!! I think i'm already pay it, and then she told me " you paid the insurance not the airport tax" .. I'm so shy hihihi and then i talked to the insurance officer, "Can i canceled the insurance?" and they told "Yes you can, so we give you Rp 10.000,-" (i paid for insurance Rp10.000,-). Okay... then i paid airport tax. Hmm no body in the waiting room, everybody already in the plane :P (i enter 10 minutes before take off), oh ya i meet my friend and her father also.
After arrived in Jakarta, i use DAMRI bus from airport to Slipi (only RP 15.000,-) and then i user taxi to go to my boarding house. This is my 1st time to use DAMRI bus, safe, and comfort (without thief and no standing person). Half hour after arrived in my boarding house.. Urkkk so hot and falling rain (hard rain) ... I'm so lucky again that i can arrived before rain. And in the night i meet my sister and then went sleep.
That's it my holiday :D

Additional information : when i stayed in magelang, almost everyday i went to gym near my house. That gym include with internet station (in indonesian it's called "warnet = warung internet"), and i went there in the night from 6.30 - 9 PM. I went there with my brother, bf, friends and i met the other friends and new friends.
Wow it's so funny that i meet my friend's friend!!
Hmmm i just shocked too, if i went to gym in Jakarta, it's so expensive (include swimming pool) and in Magelang... so cheap because that i always went to that gym and do some exercises and there was trainer that inform me what should i did (exercise).
Sweat sweat and sweat... Fiuhhh after that i can sleep well until morning. :D



Blogger Antony Pranata said...

Gudeg Yu Djum... hiks... can you send one to me? I hate you... eating gudeg Yu Djum without me. :(

Why didn't you mention about joining fitness at Spider fitness centre with the Magelang version of Ade Ray. Haha...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 12:39:00 PM

Blogger cien cien said...

Hahaha.. oke i will add information about joining in the gym :D
If i send you right now, i can't buy here... sorry..
Later if you go to indonesia, jogjakarta, and i'm there, i will eat with you, okay :D
*enakkkk lo kooo :P

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 7:53:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi cien...i am proud of you that you would like to write everything in english. some indonesian they are afraid of mistakes that they will make. good for you!!

Saturday, August 08, 2009 6:21:00 PM

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