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Sunday, April 22, 2007

I saw again City of Angel

Few times ago i always saw advertisement about movie "City of Angel" when i watched Friends (from begining until the end of friend, now i still watch until in the middle of the story, i addicted of these film i mean Friends film, almost every night i had to watch this film until i feel asleep and sometime sleep with friends still playon my player kekkekeke).
Before i saw Rocky Balboa, i saw this movie alone when i woke up in the early morning, hmm no sport today, too lazy to have jogging alone.
This movie starring by Nicholas Cage and also Meg Ryan, it's few years ago, i saw in the cover (it's not really clear), 1998,if i'm not wrong, i don't know maybe 1998 or 1993.But i think it's 1998, because 1993 i didn't have VCD player and i saw it with VCD player.
Hmm it's about an angle falling in love with human, and he just think how he can be a human and he can love her and also he can feel how to taste foods and also pain and he can bleeding.
This is sad story , i don't like the ending of this film, but if i can become a director of film, maybe i can change it to happy ending. Why?
Because when he met with Maggie (Meg Ryan) and he can touched her, and he just met her for 2 days after he became a human, she pass away because she got accident to one big car. It's kind of funny thing the way she died. How come.....
I really don't like this part. That's okay since i still can find this film and i can see it, because nowadays it's seldom to find old movies and i really like old movies because they had good until best stories, not like movies nowadays, they just has simple story and it just press on the animation or an action, and also how the beautiful or handsome guys. By the way i like to see handsome and beautiful person but i don't like the story of film, It's makes me feel boring and it's very amazing for me that i can feel asleep in the Theatre. oke i want to see the other old film again, i already borrowed some film from my friend and i have to give him maybe this week. It's still more than 5 film again :(



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