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Monday, April 16, 2007

Restaurant Under the Sea

Some people like to eat in the restaurant. They try to find exciting place to eat, romantic, delicious, strange food, nice service, expensive, best quality, special food, nice decoration,etc..
They always try from one restaurant to other restaurant (so am i). If that restaurant place is faraway from their house, hmm what do you think about them, they will go there or not?
The answer is, they will go there and try that food!
How they can find new place for eat? That restaurant will informed you about them by advertisement from television, email, newspaper, magazine, radio, so many things to advertise. But i think advertise mouth by mouth is very very good. Because friends always tell the truth and sometime friends have same tasting food like our tongue.
This restaurant picture i got from internet, and it's real! This restaurant under the sea, you can see so many and various fish and food. I don't know price of food, i just know this restaurant in the Rangali island, in the hotel.
It's so amazing right.. If this restaurant in Indonesia, maybe i can try it and absolutely i have to save my money first before i eat in that restaurant.

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