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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Migrate from XL Bebas to Xplore

Last week i went to Citraland mall in Jakarta and i just had a plan to go to supermarket. When i finished to pay all the things and i walk to go out from the supermarket, i pass XL stand, and i had an idea to migrate my cellphone card. I heard it's cheaper than i have. So i try to migrate it and urrkkkk i forgot to bring my cellphone, so she just wrote my identity and she asked me to SMS her about my card number. So i have to wait 1 week to migrate it.
This friday i will got new status of my card, but still using old card, just change the status, from XL bebas become Xplor.
If you want to know about my card, just visit www.xl.co.id

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