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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Flood in Jakarta :P

Flood flood flood again. How can it be?? Every night we always see heavy
rain from night until early morning. Hmm it very nice, isnt it? You can
feel how cool it is without AC(air conditioner) in jakarta. In jakarta you always feel hot, hard to breathe because of pollution and
the other things.Now,u can see in your screen of television. U just see water everywhere
and there are so many kids play in the wet road, many people use cart, but
some of them still using car or motorcycle or bus and truck. Some street
still dry just part of jakarta got this disaster. Near of my place, mabye 1-2km got flood, so my place just center of flood.
And it has medium river and it almost full. I just still pray, if that
river full and maybe my place will got flood.I just keep pray, it will not give heavy rain again. From now, i just
prepare myself to stock some medicine and food, my place is near with
mall, and i feel a little bit quiet/calm.

3 February 2007
When i went to carefour, we have to try to find the new way to go there,
and we saw complexes of house that already got flood maybe 1 - 2 meters.I got one funny thing is there are many man go to that place to fishing
and to look the water and tooks some picture. Fishing!!! how can!!
HAhahaha maybe i can join with themLast saturday i went to carefour,and i can see many people full their
trolley with food, medicine, fruit,mop and the other things like baby
needs and kids needs. There is one people bought 6 dos of instant noodle
(Wowww!!! 1 dos = 40 pieces) And when i want to pay, i have to wait maybe 10 person in front of me. 1
person with full trolley. more than half hour i have to wait just to pay
my things. And finally my turn is coming and hey i saw a kid who try to
find his parent. His age maybe 3 years old. And i don't know finally find
his parent or not. And i go back to house and the cloud is going dark. Few
hours later, i found sunshine!!! windy againIn the night was very windy and heavy rain. I just afraid with my friends
who stay in kelapa gading, no electricity, water enter in the house, can't
go everywhere, no car, far from the other place. It's make me crazy!

4 February 2007
This morning i went to church in the Citraland mal which position near
Grogol, when i went there, hmm i prepare myself to use 'Sandal Jepit' and
'half trousers' and i walk until that mal. When i walk, there are a road
that full of water maybe 20 cm and the other one maybe 30 cm. Fiuh, i have
to fold my half trousers. And i didn't forget to take picture also. Maybe
some of people thought that i'm crazy to take picture in the flood road.
Hihihi i will put my last picture in that road. Oh ya there are so many
kids there and they swim and some of them using their cart to make money.
Some kids ask me to ride that cart, and i have to pay Rp 2000,- to across
5 meter. And for motorcycle, my friend told to me, he has to pay Rp
20.000,- I didn't use that cart, i didn't need it. I still want to play water :P
ahahahaha Oh ya i took some pictures from the bridge, but i feel scare coz one man
stare at me when i took some pictures, and i cancel to take the other part
and then i went home. That very nice but if my house in jakarta got flood, hmm i don't want it.Lucky me :DI hope that the river near my house didn't full. In kelapa gading, urgggk... still flood almost in that area.But lucky them, carefour near that place still open, everybody still can
re-charge handphone and they can buy meal or food and get water.Please pray for them.

5 February 2007
Today i enter to the office, but some of the employee still not enter, i
understand why they didn't enter.This morning i heard from radio, Jakarta will got heavy rain until 7 february 2007.I saw some picture from my friend who took pictures in the same way with me. He could get the other part that i didn't took picture.There are 4 bus stuck in that road.And so messy. Btw, i just guess, where is the rubbish, i didn't see it. Maybe after flood, u can see Jakarta without rubbish.I saw sunshine again this morning but still cloudy.Hmm i have to work again.
To be continue...



Blogger David said...

Banjir kok kayaknya malah bahagia? Dasar anggota mzk... :p

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 12:05:00 PM

Blogger cien cien said...

ya gimana ya.. bahagia juga ga neh.ga bisa kemana2

Thursday, February 08, 2007 5:52:00 PM


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